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Mar 29, 2016

Tips for Communicating with Seniors with Hearing Loss

2016-03-29T08:38:14-04:00March 29th, 2016|Elderly Senior Care|

Seniors (and everyone) with hearing loss find it frustrating and challenging in varying degrees to communicate effectively with other people. This strains conversations and prompts less social engagement and interaction, which increases risk for emotional and mental health consequences. Use the proper communication techniques outlined below so your loved ones with hearing loss can remain an active [...]

Mar 21, 2016

Warning Signs Of Alzheimer’s Disease

2016-03-21T09:50:47-04:00March 21st, 2016|Alzheimer's|

Alzheimer’s disease is a type of dementia, and causes a slow reduction in memory as well as thinking and reasoning skills. Although there are top warning signs and symptoms, remember that each individual may experience these signs in varying degrees. Disruptive Memory Loss: One of the most common signs of Alzheimer's is memory loss that disrupts daily [...]

Mar 14, 2016

Explaining Alzheimer’s To a Child

2016-03-14T13:11:21-04:00March 14th, 2016|Aging Seniors, Alzheimer's, Dementia, Family, Love, Senior Living|

Children can be very curious about physical changes and demeanor alterations, especially when they notice this about a family member. Children also ask remarkably frank questions about these changes. "Why can't Grandpa remember my name?" "Why does that lady have to take care of Grandpa?" "What's wrong with Grandpa?" "When will Grandpa get better and play with [...]

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