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Seasonal Companionship for Seniors in Brevard

One of the things that make the Florida lifestyle so unique is the many residents who call Brevard County home during the cooler months up North. We certainly experience an influx of people calling Melbourne home for part of the year, many of which have been an integral part of the fabric of Brevard. They [...]

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Stay Safe In the Cold

A cold snap can occur anytime, even in Melbourne, FL, as we were recently a witness to. Seemingly out of nowhere the temps dropped and Brevard County became a winter wonderland. Were you prepared? Did you have the necessary clothing items and appropriate shelter to make it through comfortably? While our Northern neighbors may scoff [...]

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Preserving Precious Memories

There is something about a story. Something that catches our hearts and refuses to let us go. Have you ever been enraptured by tales of times gone by? Have you ever sat with an older adult and listened to an account of their youth told by them? Memories give flesh and bone to what stories [...]

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