Burns are a household hazard, and the risk for suffering from them increases when people get distracted or have medical issues that prevent them from moving around safely. The trained home care and nursing staff at Champion Brevard Home Health Care, in Melbourne, FL, is dedicated to providing a safe environment and caring for your senior loved one so that burns do not happen.

It’s always wise, however, for everyone to be aware of the appropriate, effective ways to respond to burns. Read the following to get up to speed on burn first aid:

  • Cool: Never apply ice or cold water to a burn, because this can cause serious damage to the skin tissues and nerves. Run cool water over the burn instead until the pain lessens.
  • Never peel: Burns caused by sticky liquids, such as hot syrup or sugar, are worsened if you try to peel away the sticky substance while it is attached to the skin. This can cause the skin to come off and then lead to much greater injury and the possibility of infection. The appropriate treatment is submerging the burned area in cool water, and then continuing to pour cool water over it until the substance hardens and can be detached more readily.
  • Discard wet clothing: If a burn occurs from hot liquids, such as hot oil and boiling water, remove any wet clothing immediately − unless the clothing is sticking to the skin. This actually removes a good amount of the heat, allowing the skin to cool, breathe, and minimize injury.
  • Wash: Preventing infection is imperative, so very carefully wash the burned area with mild soap and cool water. Do not peel the skin, scrub it, or pop blisters. Gently pat the skin dry.
  • Protect: Apply a lightweight, gauze bandage over the injury. A burn will impact the skin for 24-48 hours after the occurrence, but applying cool water can help to reduce that. Remember that applying any form of cream, ointment, or other medication during the cooling period holds in the heat, thereby making the burn worse.
  • Treat: When the burn feels cooler, a mixture of aloe vera gel and lavender essential oils can be applied before replacing the bandage. Aloe provides moisture and draws out heat, and lavender contains natural anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties that aid burn healing.
  • Note that speedy medical attention is necessary when the burn blisters immediately, is severe, or is on the face, joints or knuckles, or a large portion of the body. If there is any question regarding the severity of a burn, play it safe and contact medical professionals immediately.

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