Got a free afternoon? Why not give dancing a whirl? Just because you are above a certain age doesn’t mean you can’t bust a move. Now, there may be leveling degrees of ability when it comes to dancing, but that doesn’t mean seniors can’t dance. Dancing has many benefits not just for seniors, but for everyone. At Champion Home Healthcare of Brevard County, seniors are especially dear to our hearts, so we’d like to share a few benefits that dancing can provide seniors.

Improves Physical Health

It goes without saying, but staying active can lead to better physical health. According to, seniors should be doing an aerobic activity for at least 30 minutes a day. This can lead to burning those pesky calories, and getting your heart level up a bit. In the long run, adding dance to your weekly routine can lead to some amazing health results. According to, dancing can lower a person’s risk of heart disease high blood pressure, and diabetes. It can also boost energy levels.

Improves Mental Health

Dancing has the ability to let you get out of your own head. You get to focus on the steps that are provided, rather than any personal struggles you might currently be facing. When you are given steps and combinations to think and do, you don’t really have the headspace or time to worry about anything else that is going on. This can really put things that may seem super dire or important into perspective. It gives you a chance to step away from your troubles and then come back and reassess the situation. This can lead to a more healthy way of thinking about issues and then can give a person the energy to face that issue head-on. Dancing releases those endorphins that you may not be getting on a regular basis.

Provides a Social Community

Dancing provides a great support system and community to many seniors. It gives the chance and allows them to interact with many different people of all ages. When you are a frequent member of any sort of class, you slowly get to know the people around you. Everyone has something to bring to the dance floor. It really is an amazing way to make new friends and learn from other’s experiences. When being taught a new combination, everyone is on an even playing field, which creates this sense of unity between dancers. Once someone in the group gets a move, they can then teach it to another person and so on. Many seniors lack a sense of community, and dancing can give them a chance to have one.

When it comes to taking care of your body, dancing is a great choice. Champion Home Health Care wants our community of patients to prosper in all the days to come. Visit our website for more information on us and how we can provide the best Melbourne, FL home healthcare for you or your loved ones today.