Champion Home Health Care, based in Melbourne, FL, is dedicated to providing your senior loved ones with high-quality care. Below, we offer information on de-cluttering. It’s a process that’s important for everyone, particularly seniors. Check out the information below, and then contact us to help your family!

Homes become filled with belongings and items full of memories over time, and sometimes it’s difficult to part with them. If you or a loved one are in in need of home caregiving services, it’s important to reduce clutter the house.

Since de-cluttering is not easy, here are some tips. Start small, find a method that works for you, and assume it will take time to get the house organized (not just a few hours). Concentrate first on the biggest problem areas.

Additional reasons to clear out your home and get organized include:

  • Stress reduction: clutter can have a negative effect on mental health.
  • More space: when there is clutter throughout the house, it’s difficult to find space for important activities and events, such as friends and family visiting.
  • Decrease injury risk: clutter can be dangerous. Items and boxes in hallways or lining staircases can cause falls and lead to injuries in seniors.
  • Improve health: if belongings you don’t use on a daily basis are gathering dust in an attic or closet or attic, this can lead to allergies and a health decline. Improve air quality and health of getting rid of dust and mite allergens.
  • Downsizing soon: de-cluttering is very necessary when you’re about to downsize your home. With less storage space in your new residence, make smart decisions about what to keep vs. what’s not needed.

Champion Home Health Care wants your family members to live happily and safely at home. Our team at Champion Home Health is dedicated to taking care of your elderly seniors as we would care for our relatives. We strive to match the appropriate Champion caregiver with our clients.