Are you currently responsible for the care of an elderly family member wondering how to incorporate an in-home health care service? Are you struggling to give all the time and energy necessary to care for an older adult, or would someone you love only enjoys some social time with a qualified caretaker? If you are wrestling with these questions, please know that you are not alone. Champion Home Health Care, located in Melbourne, FL, has made it our mission to assist families with varying needs receive the best in-home care possible. We know that the decision to employ an at home agency may feel daunting, but we are here to make this transition as seamless as possible. If you are currently investigating potential options, please know that our experienced staff is here to answer your questions and set your mind at ease.

One of the many questions we receive from potential clients is, “How does this whole process work?” After initial contact with our office staff, we will set up an intake meeting with you, the caregiver, to go over basic information. This is a no pressure meeting that allows our team to hear what your needs are directly from you. We will assess your particular situation and determine what type of care and services we need to provide. Some patients only want a qualified individual to assist them with basic household needs like cooking, cleaning, transportation and such. Other families need a Champion caregiver to advocate on their loved one’s behalf because of proximity. Sometimes seniors need assistance remembering to take medications and require a more skilled level of care. We have a team of nurses that can assist with medical needs and make sure the senior in your life is well looked after. Additionally, we can help with daily needs along with acute medical conditions and even provide hospice services. We keep an open line of communication with all doctors associated with the patient.

One of our greatest assets is that we are capable of matching the perfect caregiver to those we provide services for. We will not rest until the perfect in-home caregiver is found for you. Different families require different personalities, and we know this well. Some in-home patients need a caregiver or nurse who can handle transporting and moving those in a wheelchair, and we can fill that need while others are you looking for a spunky younger individual who can take walks and provide some additional energy to the home. Whatever your need is, we will find the best fit for you.

There comes a time when the need for senior home health care becomes crucial for someone you love. Many families must adapt to new challenges as those they love experience declining mental or physical health. Often, the seniors they love want to stay at home for as long as possible and require a range of services to accomplish this. Our nursing staff, along with every one of our team members, is fully trained and licensed and has passed extensive background checks. We treat you like family because you are, and if we are not the team you are in need of, we will point you in the right direction to find the services that are best for you. Contact our office today for any information you need. We look forward to serving you.