June was Home Safety Month. Courtesy of expert home health care provider Champion Home Health Care, based in Melbourne, FL, below is information on keeping seniors healthy by reducing their fall risk.

Falls are the leading cause of injuries, including those that lead to death, for people aged 65 and older. There are preventable steps for this danger, though, such as getting rid of fall hazards and using assistive devices like canes and walkers. Champion’s staff works hard to minimize your loved one’s fall risk.

There are risk factors that make some people more likely to fall than others. Below are some common risk factors for falls:

Changes in Vision: As we age, our eyes change. The lens becomes cloudy, worsening vision, and may not focus properly. This means trouble seeing contrasting edges and potential tripping hazards around the home. This is all the reason for seniors to get regular eye checkups.

Changes in Balance: Elderly adults often have less flexibility and an unsteady gait, leading to falls. Staying active helps to prevent balance changes; taking walks is a good activity. If a senior seems to have unsteady gait, a cane or walker may help, too.

Medications: Some medications (prescription and over-the-counter) can cause dehydration and dizziness. These conditions make falls more likely. Medication interaction can increase fall risk, too.

Chronic Conditions: If a senior has a chronic health condition like stroke, diabetes, or arthritis, that is not uncommon among the elderly. However, chronic medical conditions can increase fall risk thanks to factors such as depression, pain, and inactivity.

Home Safety: Many seniors forget to modify their homes as they grow older to minimize their risk of falling. Such problems as fumbling in the dark or tripping over a rug can happen. Champion Home Health staff always work to eliminate the hidden dangers in the house that can cause falls.

One of the specialties of the staff at Champion Home Health Care is assessing and caring for seniors regarding fall risk. We are passionate about keeping seniors healthy and free of falls.