Many seniors get medical permission to spend time outdoors in the spring once the weather turns warmer. Even bedridden seniors can take advantage of the season with surprise visits from friends and by witnessing the natural beauty outside their window.

At Champion Brevard Home Health Care we provide compassionate, well-qualified private duty caregivers to keep your loved one safe, healthy, and entertained with spring fun. The following are a few ways that we can make the most of spring for seniors in our care, whether spending time outside or inside the house.

Outdoor Activities

Able-bodied seniors can spend a small amount of time being physically active, but many seniors find much physical activity too taxing. If it is possible to get outside and socialize, it can be healthy. Playing games, meeting at home with friends, and simply enjoying the sunlight can be good options for seniors less able to move around. Our caregivers always take proper safety precautions when accompanying our clients outside.

Indoor Activities

If a senior cannot participate in outdoor activities, staying inside is a great way to stay cool. Local senior centers provide opportunities such as language courses, art classes, and computer lessons as well as opportunities to meet with others and have fun. Bedridden seniors can meet at their homes with visitors to take classes, play games, and watch films, as well.

Out- and Indoor Activities

Books keep the mind active and offer an escape from daily life, and enjoying a book can be done in a bed or in a park. For seniors who find reading difficult, there are audiobooks, eReaders, and tablets, not to mention the fact that our caregivers will read to our clients. Joining book clubs is a great way for bedridden seniors to meet with friends and explore new books.

Installing bird feeders and seeds can provide bird-watching delight. It’s especially useful for seniors who can get outdoors but are unable to be active (such as taking a walk), and for bedridden seniors who can watch the beauty through their window.

For your elderly loved one in need of Melbourne FL senior nursing care and other home care services, Champion Home Health Care is here to help.