Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy services are ideal if it’s difficult for your loved one to leave their home due to loss of movement or lack of transportation. Clients may also prefer to complete sessions privately in their own homes. It can be burdensome and inconvenient for clients to commute to therapy sessions.

In-home physical therapy allows a personalized approach to rehabilitation. The caregiver can plan appropriate exercises that fit the home setting; every patient has different needs, which can be impacted by the layout of their home. With our quality care, clients can return to their health and independence. At Champion, we want our clients to get back to what they enjoy doing in life.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a holistic approach to healing, treating the whole person so they can get back to their everyday life. At Champion, our primary goal with occupational therapy is for our clients to reclaim their freedom through goal setting and achievement.

In-home occupational therapy allows clients to feel safer as they are familiar with their environment. Throughout sessions, caregivers witness challenges a client may face and customize their treatment plans accordingly. Our occupational therapy services are also an excellent prevention tool, as it can prepare your loved one for anticipated needs.

Speech Therapy

Having a Conversation with Your Senior Loved One About Hiring a Caregiver

Having a Conversation with Your Senior Loved One About Hiring a Caregiver

Our speech therapy services assist clients that have difficulties with communication, cognition, or swallowing. These disorders can stem from an array of medical conditions, and our team is ready to assist in the comfort of your loved ones’ home.

If accustomed to spending countless hours at the hospital, being treated from home can be much more comfortable. In-home speech therapy is also less disruptive for clients, as traveling can be a daunting task.

Skilled Nursing

The best caregivers in the home health care field are nurses! They have the most medical training and the highest level of expertise. Nurses frequently come to the rescue when a patient is in a critical need. Some clients require skilled care to meet their individual medical needs fully.

Champion provides both Licensed Practical Nurses and Registered Nurses to clients of all ages. Private-duty nurses enhance the quality of care for the client. Nurses evaluate problems objectively and make suggestions based on medical expertise. Nurses can spot a potential problem and implement a corrective plan of care.

Medical Social Worker

At Champion, we treat more than our client’s medical conditions. Medical social workers serve as a liaison between clients and undiscovered resources. Support can range from financial to community resources.

Medical social workers are not only supportive of the client but also the client’s family, serving as an advocate for any client concerns. Our medical social workers are responsible for the social and psychological factors of the client’s medical conditions. Through our medical social worker services, clients can focus on their recovery.

Home Health Aide

Our Home Health Aide services allow clients to receive the help they need in the comfort of their own home. Home health aides assist clients with daily routines such as brushing teeth, eating, administering medicine, and bathing. Also, home health aides can help with shopping and transportation arrangements for clients.

Core values of our home health aides include patience, kindness, and empathy.  Our home health aides also foster genuine companionship, continuously working to create trust and promote safety.

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