The nation celebrates the work of social workers during the month of March, and at Champion Home Health Care we want to honor them too! Social workers are an intrinsic part of our quest to keep aging, rehabilitating, and convalescing loved ones safe, healthy, and tranquil within the familiar atmosphere of his or her own home. Social workers also assist us in our quest to provide veterans who receive additional funding for at home care with the appropriate services. Champion Home Health Care works hand and hand with social workers to help clients with home care service needs. Since it takes a village, we are so grateful and appreciative for our supportive and interactive relationships with all the social workers who assist, aid, and facilitate our vision of providing in home care to senior loved ones in the area of Melbourne, Florida.

Social workers contribute to many areas of society, not just the arena of home health care. The helping hands of social workers reach out to schools, government, communities, military, health care facilities, and social service agencies. Social workers strive to improve health and happiness across the board. Here are just a few ways social workers contribute:

  • Work to enhance the well-being of all people
  • Stand up for and comfort victims of domestic violence
  • Work to help people overcome substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and mental illness
  • Serve as advocates for those with devastating recovery, illnesses, and mental issues
  • Support military personnel, veterans, and their families
  • Protect the vulnerable
  • Work with state, local, and national government to pass legislation/provide services
  • Protect children and elderly
  • Aid in adoption
  • Protect neglected or abused children

As you can see, social workers are an amazing group of people who exhibit all the positive attributes of a caregiver. Social workers are by nature responsible, ethical, skilled, courageous, empathetic, organize, understanding, caring, and motivated by a drive to improve health and happiness. These qualities make social workers natural and seamless liaisons between caregivers, families, clients, patients, and home health advocates.

At Champion Home Health Care, servicing Brevard County, we rely on social workers as a referral source. Social workers are championing for patients/clients/seniors in a hospital settings, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, independent living facilities, skilled nursing facilities, and rehabilitation facilities. This enables social workers to work as advocates for VA clients, long term care patients, Medicaid recipients, seniors in need of 24/hour care, and those in need of physical or occupational therapy. Social workers work with families, patients, clients, caregivers, and seniors in these various situations and refer or work to safely place, discharge, set up restorative care/ private duty care, and / or arrange for home health care services. So, in March, be sure to show a social worker how grateful and appreciative you are for their work just like we are at Champion Home Health Care!