At Champion Home Health Care, we anticipate that life is getting back to normal for Brevard County residents after Hurricane Matthew. We hope our website, blog, and Facebook page provided you with useful information before, during, and after the hurricane. We like to keep you informed on relevant issues in the community and supply pertinent information regarding aging and elder issues. That being said, October is Lewy Body Dementia Awareness Month. So let’s take some time to recognize this disease and its effects on the afflicted and their caregivers.

Two years ago actor / comedian Robin Williams took his own life due to complications and depression relating to a disease he was not diagnosed with until after his death. In September of this year, Robin William’s widow, Susan Schneider, wrote an editorial for a journal called “Neurology” describing the symptoms and effects of Lewy Body Dementia and how they ultimately lead to her husband’s suicide. The essay entitled, “The Terrorist Inside My Husband’s Brain,” outlines the changes in her husband’s behavior, memory, mental faculties, and physical attributes. Lewy Body dementia which has characteristics of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, has distinctive characteristics too. Schneider stated that her husband commented he wanted to “reboot” his brain. He was aware of the changes and unsure of what exactly was happening and why. His wife lists the following as some of his symptoms: impaired sense of smell, gut pain, insomnia, anxiety, constipation, paranoia, confusion, tremors, and difficulty reasoning. Robins had been sober for eight years and Schneider attributes his death to “what was going on in his brain.”


usually occurs in adults between 50-85
occurs slightly more often with men than woman


second most common progressive dementia after Alzheimer’s
progressive disease of the brain
memory and behavioral problems of Alzheimer’s Disease
motor system and physical symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease
slow movement
rigid muscles
insomnia followed by daytime tiredness
vivid visual hallucinations
change in alertness


average life span of 5-7 years after onset
no cure or specific treatment
death usually a result of pneumonia or other illness


cause is unknown
can occur in families, but no strong inherited connection
hard to pinpoint since it overlaps with other diseases

We are glad we could help to raise awareness of the progressive brain disease, Lewy Body Dementia. At Champion Home Health Care, we provide home care for seniors Melbourne, Palm Bay, Viera and surrounding cities; we focus on keeping your loved ones happy, healthy, and at home. Be sure to contact us at 321-608-3838 or online if you or your loved one needs medical facility staffing, veteran care, personal care services, nursing services, or companion services and we will work to match you with a compassionate, qualified caregiver!