So far in the month of March, we have honored many of the essential people involved in home health care. Champion Home Health Care is appreciative of the social workers, certified nurses and qualified caregivers who assist us in our mission of providing peace of mind to families who want to keep their senior loved ones in the comfort of their own home. These people all play a role in providing quality care to those requiring or requesting hands on home health care, medication management, companionship, 24/7 care, and/or nursing services. March is also Patient Safety Month. While Champion Home Health Care champions for keeping loved ones happily and healthily at home, making sure our clients feel safe and secure is a top priority too!

Home health care is a marriage of family, caregiver, and patient. Working together as a team, it is the responsibility of all three parties to serve as advocates, playing a vital role in ensuring the in-home care atmosphere is free from harm and clients are safe. Patients and families are encouraged to take part in consultations and conversations about medications, care and treatment, and to ask questions as needed. All information regarding allergies, medications, and food preferences should be shared too. Our care coordination staff, qualified caregivers, and families can work together to make the client’s house safe for in-home care by adopting so of the following measures:

  • Provide access to a telephone or cell phone especially in a bedroom at night or consider a medical alert system.
  • Remove clutter, obstacles, and excess furniture making it easier to maneuver. The CDC reports one out of three adults aged 65 or older falls each year, so making the house as fall proof as possible is crucial.
  • Get rid of throw rugs or use double-sided tape to secure them.
  • Consider nightlights for dark rooms, bathrooms, or hallways.
  • Make sure the bed is at an appropriate height especially if your loved one has knee or hip issues.
  • Add grab bars by the toilet, shower and tub
  • Put a rubber mat in the bottom of the tub or shower to prevent slipping.
  • Add a tub transfer bench and/or raised toilet seat if commode is too low.
  • Adjust water heater so temperature is appropriate.
  • Place medications in an accessible spot. Incorporate a pill organizer.
  • For the kitchen, consider systems which automatically turn off if shopping for stoves/ovens or opt for microwave cooking.
  • If hearing is an issue, a phone with flashing light or loud tone may be necessary. A flashing doorbell is an option too.

Champion Home Health Care wants to help you keep your loved one safe at home in the Brevard County area of Melbourne, Florida. Call us today at 321-608-3838 and be sure to follow our Facebook page! Let’s schedule your RN consultation so we can provide the family with peace of mind and clients with a safe familiar environment surrounded by familiar belongings and the comforts of home as they age.