The trained home care and nursing staff at Champion Brevard Home Health Care offers a full spectrum of senior home health care services in Melbourne, FL. We provide compassionate, well-qualified private duty caregivers to keep your loved one healthy, safe, and happy.

To assign clients to the best caregivers for them, we do so in a way that serves the needs of both. We go through an extensive assessment with our clients, through which we gain insight on what kind of caregiver skill level they need and want. Then we look to our caregiver roster to see first who fits the needs, then we look to what caregivers live closest to the client’s home, then we look at different attributes, like smokers, dogs/cats, etc. (on both the client side and caregiver side).

Our process of matching caregivers to clients is about much more than who has an opening in their schedule, because the two parties need to be compatible, and find it enjoyable to be together, for their relationship to work.The caregiver needs to possess the necessary skills to aid the client, and both should be able to learn from each other as well as teach each other something new.

Here are just some points we consider when matching caregivers and clients:

  • The client’s physical needs and the caregiver’s physical abilities
  • The client’s language and culture along with the caregiver’s language and culture
  • The client’s medication needs and the caregiver’s qualifications
  • The client’s personality weighed against the caregiver’s personality
  • The frequency of service needed by the client vs. the caregiver’s availability
  • The client’s home location and the caregiver’s travel time

Each of these important factors needs to be addressed, and can present challenges if they are not. For example, a caregiver with back issues and cannot lift clients will not be effective for a client needing transfer assistance and help getting in and out of bed.

Another example is when a client’ s first language is Spanish, and the client may enjoy having a caregiver who speaks Spanish and understands that culture. We work determinedly on these details to create a satisfying and lasting relationship for your senior loved one. Contact Champion Brevard Home Health Care today to see how we can help.