Celebrate National Senior Citizens Day with your senior loved ones! This occasion is annually observed on August 21st, and it recognizes contributions that senior citizens make in communities across the United States. The day was also created to raise awareness of social, economic, and health issues affecting senior citizens.

Former President Ronald Reagan declared August 21st to be National Senior Citizens Day in 1988, and the tradition has continued throughout the years.

On Senior Citizens Day, people are encouraged to raise awareness for supporting elderly people and recognizing their many achievements. This awareness effort can be done through social media and news articles, as well as organized community gatherings that invite senior citizens and their families, friends, and volunteers. Some businesses even offer special deals or discounts to senior citizens on the occasion.

Check with your local senior centers and senior caregiving services for volunteer opportunities with seniors, and ask them about events you and your senior loved ones can attend that celebrate National Senior Citizens Day this year. You can also check with your local Department of Aging Care to find special events.

The senior population in our country is huge, and there is no shortage of opportunities to assist seniors and better their lives. At Champion Brevard Home Health Care based in Melbourne, FL, we know that honoring instead of stigmatizing the senior population plays an important role in influencing the way other generations view aging and the elderly. Despite physical limitations or age, the elderly population often continues to defy the expectations and prejudices of others.

Champion Brevard Home Health Care offers multiple home care services for those in need. Our highly qualified experts provide medication management, infusions, diabetes monitoring, pre- and post-operative care, fall prevention, hospice support, safety assessments and blood pressure monitoring among many other services.

Throughout the county, we are known for our dedication and our compassionate care. Contact us today to learn more about how we can better the lives of your senior loved ones and your family. Don’t forget to celebrate National Senior Citizens Day with people you love!