Arcades are games for kids, right? Not just kids anymore! Many seniors are finding arcades have considerable therapeutic value.

There is a difference in atmosphere for senior arcades compared to kid ones. Senior arcades are not overrun by packs of children. They are refitted specifically for the elderly. For seniors, prizes match the new intended player base (blankets and cooking oil rather than plush toys).

Benefits for video games include considerable improvements in improved hand-eye coordination. The distraction of playing a game can be effective at managing chronic pain, as well. Playing can offer protection from one of the most serious risks that seniors face, which is depression.

Late-life depression can increase the risk for serious conditions like heart disease and stroke.  It can cause social withdrawal, sleep disturbances, weight loss, and fatigue. When facing social isolation, these risks can be worse. So the social activity of playing arcade games with (and around) others can be beneficial to seniors in the fight against depression.

Arcades provide a way to interact with others and play games, and otherwise many seniors would be spending that time alone or isolated. They can have fun in a safe area, in an affordable way, and able to socialize and be stimulated.

Seniors on a fixed income may need to watch their budget to make sure they don’t end up playing more than is affordable. Using moderation and care, arcades can be fun and helpful!

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