Summer is here and so is the summer travel season. We at Champion Home Health Care of Brevard understand the struggle that is preparing for any trip. It can be even more stressful when you have to plan ahead for your loved one who may have special needs. If this is the case, please note that you are not alone in this. We are here to make sure you get to and from your summer travel destination in the smoothest way possible. So, here are a couple tips we thought we’d share to help and remind you of some things to consider when you begin your travel planning.

Planning ahead

It is important to plan ahead when you are traveling to and fro with your loved ones who have special accommodations or needs. You do not want to just fly by the seat of your pants when traveling with your senior. You will be happy you planned and so will they. There is nothing worse than feeling pressed for time and trying to juggle multiple things (especially when you are in an airport where people are always rushing you) Take the time to plan ahead and everything will run smoothly. When planning ahead make sure you consider the following:


Does your loved one need special accommodations? Things such as extra time on and off airplanes, assistance to and from the cars, a wheelchair waiting on the other end of your flight, or a special letter of accommodation. Some airlines put you through the ringer just to get the things you need for your senior loved one. So, we suggest you call ahead, make sure that what they can offer is the same as they state on their website, and then call again the night or morning of to confirm that you really are all set to go.  Also, most airports have a special line for those who need extra assistance or accommodation, and we recommend you take advantage of this lane! It will save you some time.


It is important to have any medications set aside when packing. When you do pack them, make sure they have their own bag and are towards the top so they are easy to grab. Sometimes you may get a TSA agent who will want to make you pull them out, so save yourself a flustered scramble to find them all and just keep them together towards the top. We also recommend you carry any medical papers or medical information in an easily accessible place as well. We promise this will make things so much easier for everyone. And, please remember that if you are traveling with any sort of oxygen tank, you will need to call ahead and plan to have them check it out before you get past security.

Champion Home Health Care in Melbourne, FL is here to make sure your senior is healthy and happy at home. We also want to make sure that when they do choose to leave the home that they are taken care of, and we have services like transportation and more that can afford this. Happy summer travels and trails to you and your loved ones.