Seniors are savvier than ever. They are utilizing technology at incredible rates and are taking their new-found freedom post-retirement to travel and see the world. In fact, one of the many reasons people choose to retire is to enjoy more personal and leisure time. A 2016 survey by Willis Tower Watson surveyed over 4,000 seniors aged 65 and older found that sixty-four percent of retirees cited the desire to enjoy their remaining years and live free from work as reasons why they chose to retire when they did.

For many in the age range, travel becomes an integral part of their new normal. Traveling at any age can become a hairy process. There is so much to consider when planning trips, no matter who you are. Champion Home Health Care loves serving the senior population of Brevard County with top-notch in-home health care that is fully customizable based on individual needs. We want seniors to stay safe when traveling! Here are some great tips to do just that.

First and foremost, make sure you have a plan. This may seem like a no-brainer but hitting the road or the air without much of a plan can result in chaos that isn’t necessary. For example, the Grand Canyon is a wonderful destination for seniors with fully accessible walking paths and fantastic views. However, some parts of the park are closed during the winter months and airports are further away than you might think. Planning ahead and knowing how you will arrive at your destination along with what you will do once there will help you avoid heartache.

You also want to make sure you visit your physician before you head off. Your endpoint and length of stay may mean that you need additional medications before you leave. Also, seniors need to make sure they are up to date on immunizations. This will require some forethought on your part to take the time to stay ahead of the game. Here is a list of immunizations recommended by the CDC.

If you are traveling, make sure you have all of your contact information up to date and available. You will also want to see about cellular service availability where you headed, especially if that location is overseas. You may need to purchase additional chargers or update your cell plan to keep your phone in use where you are headed. It is also wise to let family and/or friends know where you are headed just in case of an emergency.

Retirement is an incredible time for seniors and here at Champion Home Health Care, we love seeing all the exciting places our friends go. Get out there and see the world, just be safe along the way!