What Does Assisted Living Truly Mean?

Are you searching for elderly care options and wondering exactly what assisted living means? This article can provide you with that information plus options on how you can find the best caregivers in Brevard County! Looking for the proper care for your elderly parents or friends can be stressful. And, while it doesn't have to [...]

Caregivers Need Vacation Too

Even Family Caregivers Need Time Off As swarms of people from other states descend on Florida for fun in the sun, many Floridians are in desperate need of a vacation, themselves. The beauty of palm trees and the ocean are barely noticed by those caring for family members alone, without respite. With little hope of [...]

Honor Alzheimer’s disease caregivers by sharing a personal tribute

November is National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month and National Family Caregivers Month. In the United States alone, there are nearly 15 million Alzheimer's and dementia caregivers.  You can join us in honoring them by sharing a personal tribute message!  

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Adult Child and Aged Parent Living Together Again

   I’m seeing a trend in South Florida towards the return of multiple family generations living together again. This type of living situation was historically common up until about the 1950’s. However, the population trend in Florida was traditionally boosted by retirees relocating here, without their adult children. So it is unusual to see generations [...]

Explaining Alzheimer’s To a Child

Children can be very curious about physical changes and demeanor alterations, especially when they notice this about a family member. Children also ask remarkably frank questions about these changes. "Why can't Grandpa remember my name?" "Why does that lady have to take care of Grandpa?" "What's wrong with Grandpa?" "When will Grandpa get better and [...]

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The Relationship Between A Caregiver and Patient

Love, respect, kindness, patience, magnanimity, humor, forgiveness: these are the hallmarks of a wonderful relationship. For many elderly people, the quantity of personal relationships is severely diminished. Their friends passed away and their family lives remotely and seldom visits.  The person he or she spends the most time with is his or her caregiver. Therefore, the [...]

Speed Up Recovery After Surgery

From the desk of Kim Champion:  Speed Up Recovery After Surgery If you are planning to have surgery, now is the time to pre-plan your recovery phase. "After-care” is a very important. While you are with the doctor, you have the added protection of the hospital environment or the doctor’s out-patient facility. The scary part [...]

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Medical Help For “Snow Birds”

From the desk of Kim Champion: Do you migrate to Florida for the winter season? The weather is great, but what happens if you become ill? The fact is that many “snow birds” do not have a Florida physician. When a problem develops with your health, it snowballs into other dilemmas. Other than calling 911 [...]

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Get Ready. Hurricane Preparedness 101

It looks like we were spared the wrath of Tropical Storm Erika over the weekend, with the exception of heavy rains that seemed to never end. But we were lucky. Hurricane season is heating up now and Champion Home Health Care wants you to be prepared not only for yourself, but for those you care [...]

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10 Ways to Deal with Caregiver Stress

Stepping into the role of caregiver for an aging loved one comes with stress that you won't expect or plan for.  Here are some tips on how to manage the role without so much "caregiver stress". It is absolutely critical to take care of yourself when you become a caregiver.  Here are ten great [...]

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