Loneliness, there is nothing heartbreaking than loneliness. Many senior citizens face this as their years go on. They usually go from a busy house with a loud family, but slowly those sounds begin to fade. Many people find this silence or lack of surrounding activity difficult. This is where having a pet in the home may just save the day. We at Champion Home Health Care of Brevard County want you to know that we are always here to lend any advice on making sure you and your loved ones have the best life has to offer. So, this week we will be going over reasons having a pet may just lend a helping hand in battling that horrible thing called loneliness. Here are a few reasons you might consider getting yourself or your elderly loved one a pet.


Many seniors may lack a sense of companionship as the years go on. Many of their family and friends may have passed on and they are missing having those relationships. Having a pet to spend time with can give them the sense that they are never truly alone. They have a furry friend to cuddle with and love on. A happy face to greet them when they wake up or arrive home. Pets are there to give them all their love. Who wouldn’t want that?


Now, you may be thinking that a pet is too big a responsibility. In some cases, this is one hundred percent true. If it is a health risk to you or your loved one then we wouldn’t recommend having a pet in the house. But if you or your loved one is physically and mentally able to take care of a cat or dog, this will give them back some responsibility. A lot of times for seniors it may feel like all the day-to-day responsibilities have been taken away from them. This can be isolating and can leave a lack of purpose. Having to look after and take care of another living thing again may just be just what you or your aging family member is searching for. This leads us on to our next point.


Sometimes a pet relies on its owner just as much as the owner relies on it. It is a nice feeling knowing that there is a comforting presence to count on when things seem to be changing all around you. There is also a calming in the weight of having something look to you for support and love again.

We at Champion Home Health Care want to help in any way we can. Whether it is lending advice or helping to keep your loved ones happy and healthy at home, we’d love to lend a hand to the residents of Melbourne, FL and beyond.