Being a primary caregiver is never an easy task. No matter who you are, seeing a loved one in decline is hard and brings a host of challenges with it. You always want the best for those you love and this is why Champion Home Health Care takes so much pride in the home health care services we provide for seniors in Melbourne, FL. We know that as a primary caregiver, you cannot walk this road alone. We place a supremely high value on thoughtful and thorough communication with designated caregivers because we know that when you are in the know, you can rest easier.

According to the Family Caregiver Alliance, over 43 million caregivers in the United States have provided care (unpaid) to someone age 12 and older within the last year. Thirty-four million of these caregivers have given care to an adult over the age of 50. Many of these individuals are considered “long-distance” caregivers. Long-distance caregivers live at least an hour away from the person they are responsible for caring for and, obviously, those involved in long-distance support ranging from money management assistance to medical scheduling and more have a whole other set of issues to contend with. Have you recently found yourself in a long-distance caregiving role and don’t know where to start? Champion Home Health Care is here to help you get the process started.

Those who support someone from afar can often feel out of the loop. It is important that you begin the process of long-distance caregiving by assimilating as much information as possible. This includes items such as:

  • Medical diagnosis
  • Illnesses and Conditions
  • Potential Issues with Current Diagnosis
  • Medications
  • Current Care Team
  • Any Treatment Plans
  • And More…

You can begin by speaking with the current primary caregiver and gathering as many facts as possible. Speak with those who know the individual you are caring for at a distance and find out anything you can from them.

It is also vital that you receive written permission from the person you are caring for to obtain medical records and information. HIPPA has strict policies in place to protect the privacy of patients. This is a great resource for anyone needing to ask for permission to access.

If you live far away from your senior loved one, you are not right there around the corner and available at any time of the day or evening. You cannot respond to immediate requests for assistance, however, you can make sure that when you are visiting you are using the time wisely. Before you arrive be sure to connect with your loved one and ask what they need, assuming they are able to respond. Check with physicians and the care team and see how you can be of the most assistance while you are in town. Try to plan multiple appointments within the timeframe that you are with your loved one so that you can be a part of their medical journey. And, don’t forget to simply be there to lend an ear and a hug or two. It is easy to get wrapped up in checking things off your to-do list, but don’t forget that there is a person, someone you adore, behind the list. Make time to engage with them. And, if you need assistance with senior home healthcare in Brevard County, call us today.