You may find that, as a senior, you are constantly being given suggestion of ways to stay healthy and active. We at Champion Home Health Care in Melbourne, FL have even written a few blogs on the very topic. They are amazing suggestions, don’t get us wrong, but what about tips for those of you who actually go through with being consistently active and leading a fit life? Well, that is where we can step in. This week we want to give you a couple of easy suggestions to keep in mind to keep you living your healthiest and fittest lives.

Make sure you are staying hydrated

This is such a key component to staying active and healthy. It is also especially important that you make sure you are drinking extra water if you are also taking medicines that are known to dehydrate you. You can get yourself a water bottle that reminds you how much you water you have drunk throughout the day. Keep track and stay on it

Make sure you are properly stretching for each activity

Stretching before any physical activity is also crucial to making sure you don’t unnecessarily injure yourself. Make sure all your muscles are warmed and stretched before you choose to do any physical activity. You can never be too safe. Your back will thank you later!

Make sure you are choosing activities that are up to your level of fitness

Running a marathon might not be in your wheelhouse right now. Maybe something a little gentler might be the way to start out. Dancing, swimming or yoga might be the way to start and then slowly work your way up to something a bit more intense. Just listen to your body. Don’t anything it doesn’t agree with. Knowing your limits is half the battle.

Be kind to your joints

Similar to our last point, be kind to your joints. Don’t put your knees or wrists through anything they don’t deserve.  Picking a fitness activity that is low impact might be the way to go.

Invest in a good foam roller

A foam roller is a must for anyone doing physical activities. They are great for relieving any muscle soreness or built up tension. And they can be pretty easy to use. Just consider it. Your sore legs will thank you!

Stick with it

The first hard step to taking your health and fitness seriously was to begin working on it. Now comes phase two: sticking with it. Make it a habit. Don’t let yourself fall out of your routine. Keep pressing on it and you will be so much happier.

At Champion Home Health Care we want our Brevard County seniors and loved ones to live their best lives possible. So, we hope you found this information helpful. For more information on us, visit our website. We provide quality at-home health care, 24/7 care, nursing, and veteran care.