If you are the primary caregiver for someone who needs assistance, how can you tell when it is time to bring in professional home health care in Melbourne, FL? What if you are responsible for an elderly parent but live out of town or state? How do you know when to employ the services of a caregiver in Brevard County? The decision can be a challenging one to make especially because, for some, bringing in outside help can represent the loss of independence. Champion Home Health Care knows that this is not something you take lightly and this is why we are proud to offer highly qualified health care professionals who are capable of assisting your loved one in a variety of ways catered to their specific needs. From simple housework and running errands to medication management and round the clock care, we are here for you.

Did you know that roughly 5 million patients received home health care of some kind in 2013, according to the Centers for Disease Control? The Family Caregiver Alliance notes that as of 2015, between 5 and 7 million familial caregivers provide help to someone over the age of 65. These caregivers help with daily activities and the like while an astounding 80% of those seniors who have assistance do so in their own homes rather than in an institutionalized setting. With so many seniors wanting to stay home longer, the decision to utilize home health care services may very well become a necessity for you as their primary caregiver but, how do you know when the time has come? There may be medical concerns that alert you to the need. There may be mental, emotional, or social issues that indicate the time is right. Let’s look at some questions and observations that may help you make this decision.

  1. Are there memory issues?

Have you noticed that the person you care for has become increasingly forgetful? Is there memory loss? Are appointments forgotten?

  1. Is there household neglect?

Are daily tasks left undone? Is mail piling up? Is there a cleanliness issue?

  1. Have you noticed money issues?

Are checks sent to unknown organizations? Is there excessive spending or withdrawals that are unusual for the person? Do bills remain unpaid?

  1. Have you noticed isolation?

Many seniors withdraw when they are depressed and lonely; have you noticed this in someone you care for? Is there a lack of interest in things that once ignited passion?

  1. Any medication mishaps?

Has medication been forgotten or mixed up? Are there multiple prescriptions that need to be managed on a daily basis? Does the person feel overwhelmed with their medication schedule?

  1. Are there physical changes?

Have you noticed a change in weight or eating habits? Is the person struggling with dressing themselves or taking care of themselves on a daily basis with things like bathing and eating? Have they fallen recently?

  1. Are there any daily/weekly medical treatments that are needed?

Patients who receive ongoing medical support from things like dialysis or oxygen may need home health care.

This is by no means an exhaustive list but we certainly hope it can be a starting place for you. We know that the decision to use home health care or nursing services is one that you do not take lightly and if you have any questions about what services we provide, please contact our office today.