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Late Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease

Our last few blog articles have been focused on Alzheimer’s disease and the signs and symptoms associated with this progressive disease. AD (Alzheimer’s disease) mainly effects brain functions involving thinking, personality, behavior, and memory. Although some of the symptoms of the early symptoms of AD mirror normal aging, Alzheimer’s disease is not a normal part [...]

How to Recognize Alzheimer’s Disease

The Alzheimer’s Association released statistics in 2016 stating 1 in 9 seniors over the age of 65, or 5.4 million people in the United States, are living with Alzheimer’s disease. With so many seniors afflicted with this disease, more and more families, facilities, spouses and caregivers are faced with caring for individuals with this progressive [...]

Alzheimer’s Disease Overview

Champion Home Health Care is in the business of championing to keep your senior loved one aging safely, happily, and healthily at home all while providing peace of mind for the family. Our multitude of in home health care services are designed to help seniors and their families. We also strive to disseminate relevant information, [...]

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Keeping It Sharp: Part 2

Champion Home Health Care is always looking for ways to keep seniors and/or caregivers happy, healthy, and safe within the comfort of their own homes. We also strive to disseminate quality and informative pieces through our newsletters, blogs, Facebook page, and website. Our blog focus this month centers around the concept of making resolutions that [...]

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