Champion Home Health Care is always looking for ways to keep seniors and/or caregivers happy, healthy, and safe within the comfort of their own homes. We also strive to disseminate quality and informative pieces through our newsletters, blogs, Facebook page, and website. Our blog focus this month centers around the concept of making resolutions that improve one’s healthy and longevity. Such positive actions make aging filled with ease instead of disease. Keep in mind the old adage “If you don’t use it, you’re going to lose it!” Exercising, eating well, and focusing on keeping the mind sharp are all positive ways to foster the sensitive connection between the body and brain. If you or your senior loved one is in the Melbourne area of Florida and could prosper by having home health care assistance in their quest to stay well, sharp, and happy, contact us to set up a meeting with our team so we can work on getting you or your family member matched with the perfect services and caregiver.

There is a concept known as “brain plasticity.” The idea is that the brain changes and grows allows it to make new connections as well as repair connections as we continue to expose our self to trying new things, learning new information, adopting new habits, and basically using the brain as a muscle and working it out so to speak! All the healthy positive things you do for your body in turn benefits the brain in a helpful and beneficial way. Here are some things you can do to improve the sharpness and health of your brain and your body:

  1. Discuss normal vs. concerning brain function with your primary care physician
  2. Maintain social interactions with friends, family, and interest groups
  3. Learn new things to engage your brain
  4. Get the appropriate amount of sleep since it improves mental clarity
  5. Limit alcohol intake because it may led to confusion and accidents
  6. Maintain a healthy blood pressure to avoid risks to the brain / body
  7. Eat a healthy, nutritious, omega-rich, lean meat, fruit / veggie / nut, fish laden diet
  8. Exercise up to 30 minutes a day
  9. Get regular health screenings
  10. Be aware of contraindications with medications
  11. Don’t smoke

We hope this list offers you some ideas on easy ways to boost the plasticity of your brain and help you to keep a strong body and active mind! Please let us know If we can match you with one of our compassionate, well-qualified private duty caregivers in the Brevard area and help you, within the safe and familiar environment of you or your loved one’s home, become the happiest healthiest version of yourself as possible. Check out our website for testimonials and a full explanation and listing of our services at Champion Home Health Care Services.