There’s been a slight change in the weather; can you feel it? We’ve gone from sweltering to sweater weather in the blink of an eye here in Melbourne, FL. Who knows how long this cool blast will last but we will definitely take advantage of it. Residents of Brevard County know that often times the concept of a fall season with its beautiful changing of the leaves’ colors and cooler temps is something that doesn’t truly take effect on the Space Coast. However, this does not mean that we do not celebrate the changing of the “seasons” and embrace the latter months of the year with fervor. We can make wreaths and embrace the theoretical cold weather with the best of our Northern friends.


Now that fall is upon us, there are several family activities that are available for seniors in Melbourne to take advantage of. Champion Home Health Care is proud to offer senior services in Brevard County including assisted living, elderly care, veteran care, and senior home care in Melbourne, FL. At Champion Home Health Care we’re also happy to help you fill in your fall calendar with fun activities for the seniors in your life.


Winter Wonderland

LaPorte Farms is a hidden gem located in Sebastian, FL that is great for kids of all ages. Farm animals, opportunities to feed the fish, and a great general store are just a few of the attractions you will find here. For more information on their Winter Wonderland, see their website.


Pick Your Produce

Sledd’s U-Pick Farm is a local farm that offers its patrons the chance to pick their own produce when in season. During this time of year, they have an incredible corn maze to peruse and enjoy together. You can find details on pricing and hours on their Facebook page.


Enjoy the Outdoors

As if the festive fall atmosphere isn’t enough to get you out and about, it has also been proven again and again that being outside is great for your health, no matter your age. The Harvard Health Letter notes that being outside has tremendous effects on your health and well-being. For example, time outdoors can:


  • Elevate vitamin D
  • Get you moving
  • Boost your happiness
  • Improve concentration


These are just a few of the ways time outdoors can improve your life. Now that it’s cooler out, why not take advantage of the health benefits and family time that this season has to offer? The great thing is that time spent outdoors and with family and friends does so much for seniors. Activities that incorporate movement and have a social component help with overall health and well-being. Brevard County has so much to offer its residents this time of year so why not get out and enjoy?