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The most important thing you can do when choosing a home health care agency is to ask questions. Here are some important, general issues to discuss, but be sure to ask any specific questions for your unique situation as well.

  • Ask about state licensing and malpractice and liability insurance. A reputable company will be able to show you proof for both.
  • Be sure you clarify the types of service they offer, even if you don’t think you will be needing them right away. Many times the type of care needed can change as time goes on and you want to be sure that the agency you choose will be able to adapt and continue providing services as your needs change.
  • Ask for references and contact the references provided. A company should be able to provide you with multiple professional references, including medical facilities and social workers that they have worked with before.
  • Clarify how they charge for their services, what kind of insurance they accept, and how it will be billed. It is your responsibility to be aware of any portion of the bill that could possibly need to be paid out of pocket, as well.
  • Inquire about how employees are evaluated before being hired and what kind of continuing training they receive. Since these employees will be coming into your home, you want to be confident that they have been background checked and their references verified. Continuing education is also important to keep them up to date and their skills fresh.

Showing Support for a Senior Loved One

No one looks forward to the day when they have to make decisions about the healthcare options for their aging loved ones. The key to approaching this difficult time is to find ways the show your support the best way you can. Millions of people all around the world arrive at a point in their [...]

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What Does Assisted Living Truly Mean?

Are you searching for elderly care options and wondering exactly what assisted living means? This article can provide you with that information plus options on how you can find the best caregivers in Brevard County! Looking for the proper care for your elderly parents or friends can be stressful. And, while it doesn't have to [...]

Letting Go and Allowing Others to Help Care for Your Parent or Loved One

Trusting the care of your loved one to someone else can be hard. But when it comes down to it, getting them the best senior home care helpers is crucial. If you're struggling with how to accept help with caring for your family member, you're not alone. As you age, your loved ones are aging [...]

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Seniors and Pets

There is no doubt that a furry friend can make an incredibly significant impact on a person. The unwavering love and support that an animal brings can lighten even the heaviest of loads. As a matter of fact, this connection is a proven thing. It is called the human-animal bond and has been proven to [...]

Packing Up Christmas the Easy Way

The season’s end is upon us. Champion Home Health Care of Brevard County, Florida hopes that the Christmas season was full of light and love for you and everyone in your family. We hope that no matter your circumstances or the circumstances of those you love, you were able to find moments of joy and [...]

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Is It Time to Hang Up The Keys?

Did you know that as of 2015, there were over 40 million licensed senior drivers over the age of 65 on the road? This number represents an increase of 50% from the year 1999. Driving is something that fosters independence in all of us and this is certainly true for older adults as driving affords [...]

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Helping Your Loved One Come to Terms with Loss

A loss is something that everyone experiences. We at Champion Home Health Care understand the pain that comes with losing a loved one. We also know how hard it is to watch a loved one go through the grief that comes along with the loss of a life. There is a sense of helpless that [...]

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Making the Big Decisions

Life and time have a beautiful yet tragic relationship. Time passes quickly, and so does life. You start out life usually with parents who worry over and take care of you. Then, as time passes, those roles slowly reverse. As you grow older so do your parents, and you begin worrying over and taking care [...]

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Tech Savvy Tips for Seniors

Today’s seniors are more tech savvy than ever. The need for communication and the swift changes that have occurred in the technology sector in the last decade alone have necessitated a need for devices like smart phones, personal home computers, and more. Although seniors are not as into technology as their younger counterparts, recent data [...]

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Preparing Seniors for a Move

No one looks forward to a move. This can be especially true for those who are older and have been in their homes for quite some time. Think about all the memories that have been made in a particular place. Family dinners and long nights playing games with loved ones are just a few of [...]

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