Champion Home Health Care is proud to serve Melbourne, Palm Bay, and all of Brevard County, and we strive to keep you informed on topics that seniors and caregivers need to know. We recently covered the topic of seniors and diabetes since November is National Diabetes Month. Seniors are the most likely generation to develop diabetes for a number of reasons including genetics, weight, and lifestyle choices. No matter your age, taking control of your health and making wise decisions can be very empowering. As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches or has past depending on the time you read this, we thought it would be a great time to talk about just how many calories are in that Turkey Day meal and strategies to keep you and the seniors you love from overindulging and leaving the day grateful for elastic waistbands.

First off, let’s start with the information you all want to know: just how many calories are consumed during the traditional Thanksgiving meal. According to the Calorie Control Council, the Thanksgiving Day feast can cost you upwards of 3000 calories in just one sitting. Some estimates are even higher at a whopping 4500 calories. Yes, this is just one meal and if you are smart it will not derail your entire eating plan, but knowing how many calories the average person can consume in just one sitting gives you the power and ability to prepare yourself for making better choices when the time comes. With this in mind, here are some great tips that will allow you to enjoy the holiday without overdoing it.

  1. Don’t Starve Yourself Beforehand

Some people assume that if they hold off on eating before the big meal comes, they can eat to their heart’s content. Wrong! Be sure to have a healthy breakfast before the feast and don’t show up to the meal ravishing. Doing this can cause you to overconsume leaving you feeling bloated and possibly guilty.

  1. Watch Your Portions

Thanksgiving meals are generally full of side dishes and delights seen only once a year. This is what makes it so much fun! However, you don’t have to gorge yourself on sweet potato pie and dressing with an extra side of stuffing and rolls. Be mindful of the size of the portions on your plate and remember there will most likely be leftovers. You can enjoy the foods you love multiple times throughout the holiday and do not have to stuff yourself the first go around.

  1. Choose Your Turkey Wisely

There is something magical about the turkey on this special day! If your meal consists of an entire bird, try to choose white meat cuts that are skinless. Doing this will allow you to enjoy the turkey and forego the additional fat and cholesterol that comes with the skin and darker selections.

  1. It’s Okay to Say No

Thanksgiving is not an all-day buffet. You can stop when you are full and refuse that extra slice of pie. Listen to your body and stop eating when you are satiated. There is no guilt in turning down seconds!