Did you know that over 3.5 million people in the state of Florida are over the age of 65? According to Kiplinger, that number will rise to 6 million by the year 2030. Will you be one in that number soon? If so, you may be wondering why so many seniors choose to call Florida home. Here at Champion Home Health Care, we provide the best in-home health care services to seniors in Melbourne, FL. From typical home health services such as meal planning and preparation and light housework and bathing to more complex medical situations such as nursing care and 24/7 medical assistance, we have had the honor of serving so many in the Brevard County area. We know this population is so incredibly valuable. We also know why so many seniors choose to make Florida their forever home.

So, why do so many seniors choose to make Florida home? Well, Smart Asset has some pretty great ideas about this. First and foremost, the weather. Do we really even need to go further than this? With an average high of 73 degrees in the month of December and a low of only 53 degrees, something our Northern friends can only dream of this time of year, it is no wonder so many older adults relish the thought of beautiful beaches and a warm climate. Wouldn’t you?

Seniors can really benefit from the tax breaks here in the Sunshine State as well. Florida has no state income tax, and we also do not have an inheritance or estate tax. Seniors 65 and older who meet certain requirements can do themselves proud with a maximum of $50,000 in additional homestead exemption in some places. Restrictions apply so be sure to check with your particular city of interest for more information.

If you are a reality TV fan, chances are you have seen all the multi-million-dollar ocean front property available in Florida. Maybe you’ve drooled over the luxurious homes and assume that you could never afford a home in here. Wrong! Do we have sprawling estates here? Sure. But, you can also find an affordable home in a great community. Don’t assume that you cannot have your little slice of paradise here too.

There isn’t much not to love about the great state of Florida. Why not tap into your lifelong dream of great weather and incredible communities just waiting for you to call home? Might we persuade you to consider our piece of heaven here in Brevard? Miles and miles of beachfront give way to the Indian River. Water abounds and life is just spectacular here. And, if you need assisted living or elderly care while you’re in the Melbourne, FL area, please give us a call today.