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Tips and Strategies for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

The holidays are definitely a time of joy for most of us. Families gather together to enjoy one another. Memories are both shared and made. However, the jubilance that we often feel at the opportunity to gather together also causes stress, significant stress, for many. In fact, Healthline put out a study in 2015 that [...]

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Help Your Loved One Remain At Home Where They Want To Be

So many times, seniors are scared to tell others that they might need a little bit of help here and there because they don't want to be removed from their home. And sometimes, they just need help with simple tasks that aren't a cause for concern. Did you know that there are home health providers [...]

Senior Home Health Care in Melbourne, FL

If you're looking for great senior home health care in Melbourne, FL, look no further than Champion Home Health Care. With a record of giving great care, you can rest easy knowing that your elderly loved ones are in good hands! If you're wondering what kind of senior home health care options there are in Brevard [...]

Finding Skilled Nursing Services for Your Loved Ones

Trying to find skilled nursing services for your loved ones doesn't have to be hard. In fact, at Champion Home Health Care of Melbourne, FL, we offer top-notch senior services and elderly care! When it comes to finding a home health agency that can offer qualified help for your elderly loved ones, choosing one with great [...]

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Medication Management Tips

There are so many incredible things that come along with aging. As the year's progress, knowledge is amassed. Relationships are strengthened and often times people begin to realize what is truly important. What an incredible time to be alive and thrive! Naturally, as our bodies age so does the likelihood of needing to take prescription [...]

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Improving Heart Health

February is the month set aside to shower those we love with heart-shaped candies and boxes of chocolates. However, did you know that February is also National Heart Month and a great time to make changes that will positively impact your heart health? Champion Home Health Care has the privilege of assisting seniors throughout Melbourne, [...]

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Paying for At Home Health Care

Being a caregiver is one of the most important jobs you will ever have. Caring for a loved one in need of medical attention while continuing to take care of the needs of your own family can be taxing beyond belief. The burden of care is not one that is ever carried lightly and for [...]

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The Importance of Medication Management

If you are visiting aging family members this holiday season, keep in mind all the assistive care services we offer at Champion. If you are home for the holidays in Brevard County, Florida and have come to the realization that your family member is in need of more assistance, or if you are a current [...]

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Remember You Have Options. Home Is Where the Heart Is

Currently Baby Boomers and the Generation X population are facing the issues that come with the aging of their parents. According to AARP, “More than 80 percent of Americans over 50 say they want to remain in their home as they age.” It is always a good idea to communicate with your aging parents and [...]

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Impact of Isolation on Seniors

Seniors who live alone and don’t venture out into the community are often at higher risk for developing health problems and depression. Isolation is a serious health issue for seniors. Lonely seniors have greater incidences of obesity, cardiac disease, high blood pressure, depression, and diabetes than their more social peers. Below are some ways to [...]

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