At Champion Home Health Care, we realize caregivers need to take time to rest, rejuvenate, and tend to themselves. A giver of care is a more encompassing job than the title suggests. If you have taken on the task of caring for a senior loved one or parent, you are well-aware of what a challenging, rewarding, demanding, gratifying, and unrelenting job it can be. With a new year right around the corner, maybe it’s time to make some resolutions which include taking care of yourself too. If you are caregiving in the Melbourne, Florida area, we would be happy to assume some of your responsibilities. We provide numerous home health services for your aging parent or senior loved one right in the comfort of their own home. With your new found free time, you can tend to yourself and your needs so you can better serve as a multitasking guardian.

If you are currently a caregiver or considering it, here are a few duties you might preform daily:

  • Entertainment
  • Socialization
  • Pick up prescriptions
  • Transport to and from activities and appointments
  • Aid with transfers if necessary
  • Housekeeping such as vacuuming, doing dishes, taking out garbage, etc.
  • Monitoring nutrition
  • Grocery shopping
  • Meal preparation
  • Toileting
  • Companionship
  • Grooming
  • Bathing

As a caregiver, it is important to take care of yourself especially if you are trying to perform the daily list of duties outlined above. It is imperative to practice self-care so that you can balance caring for yourself as well as another. If you work, have a family to tend to and deal with the hectic pace of everyday life, adding on the additional work load of caring for an aging loved one can be overwhelming. As a family caregiver, it is crucial to find ways to reduce stress to better enable yourself to fulfill and handle all your responsibilities. Keep in mind, stress can often lead to distress. Even though it may be rewarding to care for a family member, it is just as important to care for the yourself and balance your own busy schedule too. If you catch yourself starting to feel angry, upset, depressed, fatigued, or nervous, it might be time to ask for help, de-stress, and focus on your own well-being for a bit. You can also adopt some minor behavioral changes to help you manage stress such as exercising, eating healthy, expressing your feelings, ask for relief or help, and practice deep breathing techniques.

If you are in Brevard County, at Champion Home Health Care we are ready, willing, and able to help you in your quest to keep your senior loved one at home. Contact us to learn about our in-home health care services and how we can assist you. Take care of yourself in the new year, and let us help you make 2017 as stress-free as possible.