Champion Home Health Care is excited to celebrate the amazing fathers and father figures in our lives. We understand that being a father isn’t always the easiest jobs so we want to thank the fathers of Brevard County and beyond for all the love and guidance you have given us throughout the years. We also want to help out any of our readers who are struggling to find the perfect gift for their dad this June. We understand that you want them to know how much you appreciate their support and infinite love they have given us throughout our lives. We also understand that after a long time of giving Father’s Day gifts, it can begin to get complicated coming up with something new and exciting.  So, we are here to help you with gift ideas that might be perfect for your Dad in 2018.

An afternoon of their choice

Many fathers have given up their plans or what they personally want to do to please the masses throughout the years. This year let him decide. Let him pick whatever he wants to do and then it is up to you to make it happen. This one is probably the most simple. Ask him exactly what he wants to do then follow through. They will be happy to finally have an afternoon of their choice and you will feel like a million bucks for making it all happen. This gift is made even easier by planning ahead. Ask them in advance if there is anything they’ve had their heart set on doing. This allows you enough time to make sure everything is in place and can run smoothly.

Free labor

For many fathers, a lot of the housework or manual labor falls under their jurisdiction. This can be a lot for one man to do, epically if he is getting up there in age. This Father’s Day, it might be a nice idea to offer your services and labor free of charge for a whole afternoon. Handle any yard work that needs to be done, anything around the house, maintenance or whatever he needs help with. This obviously doesn’t need to be done on Father’s Day and is a cost-effective Father’s Day gift. Not only does he get a bit of a load taken off his plate but you guys also get to spend a little more time together. What can beat that?

Whatever you choose to give your father this Father’s Day, whether it is free labor, an afternoon of their choice, or a coffee mug that says “World’s Best Dad,” it truly is the thought that goes into the gift that counts. Take a second to really think about what your dad currently wants/needs and go from there. We at Champion Home Health Care want to wish all the fathers out there the happiest of Father’s Days! Thank you for all you do for your families.

We’d also like to remind you that we’re here to help with any home health care needs your father or senior loved one may have. Our skilled caregivers can assist with anything from nursing care to medication management and more. Visit our Melbourne, FL office or check out our website for more information.