With technology and the Internet advancing at the rate it has been the past few years, it is no surprise that there is a lot of crime reported and tracked through this medium. Many parents caution their young children and teens about the importance of protecting themselves when searching and using the world wide web and the many applications associated with it. But it seems that there may be a lack of education in the senior community. Many seniors are very active on different social media sites, do their shopping online, and more. So, if they aren’t also taught the rules and things to be cautious of they can open themselves up to fraud, identity theft, and other dangers.

At Champion Home Health Care, we want to see our seniors flourish in all aspects of life. We want them to explore and stay up to date with all the new apps and technology that there is to use. We also want to give our readers a few key things that your elderly loved one may need taught or reminded of when it comes to internet safety. Below you will find a few things that are very important to teach not just your senior but also anyone who uses the Internet.

Protect Your Identity

We want to encourage all of our patients to be very careful with all of their personal information. Sadly, the way the Internet works, it is super easy to find a person’s phone number, address, and basic information. So, the ways you can protect yourself in the best possible way would be the following:

  • Never give out your social security number anywhere online. If you must you need to double check that it is a secure site.
  • Never give out your credit card or debit card information to just anyone. This is especially true on messaging sites like Facebook or Instagram where there is an endless supply of hackers and spam accounts that look like a friend messaging you.
  • Never give out your home address. It is also important not to allude to what neighborhood you may be living in.

Watch Out for Spammers and Hackers

Spam isn’t just a folder for your email account anymore. As we mentioned above, spammers and hackers have the ability to get into your “friends” accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and message you as “them.” If you receive a message that doesn’t seem quite right, is always important to double-check with your friend either over the phone or in person to see if it is actually them. If you are ever concerned please report it as spam right away.

We at Champion Home Health Care want our patients and the people of Brevard County to stay safe in every facet of life. We hope you found these tips about internet safety helpful. We are here for all your senior nursing care needs in Melbourne, FL whether it’s medication management, companionship, or at home nursing care, our skilled caregivers are here to help. If you have any other questions or are curious about our amazing company, click here to learn more.