In our last few blogs, Champion Home Health Care has been exploring and sharing ways to stay healthy in the new year. We outlined ways to incorporate exercise and all the wonderful benefits you could reap, from reducing arthritic pain to improving digestion. Adding 30 minutes of exercise daily helps aid in healthier aging, better flexibility and increased strength resulting in happier, more active senior years.

Next, Champion Home Health Care discussed helping seniors to make the most of their meals. Wholesome nutritious eating improves how you think, look and feel, so it’s important for seniors to make wise choices by incorporating nutrient dense foods into their diets. Eating right can prevent certain disease risks, strengthen your immunity, and aid in maintaining a healthy weight. Dietary modifications along with exercise can improve one’s longevity and overall wellness.

In an attempt to look at the body as a whole, it makes sense to next look at health of the mind and ways to strengthen it since we previously focused on exercise and eating habits. What are some ways to keep your brain/mind strong and sharp as you age?

Significant memory loss isn’t necessarily a normal or guaranteed part of the aging process. Extreme memory loss can be caused by neurological illnesses, organic disorders or brain injury. As you age, your brain volume shrinks causing connections between cells to shrink or be lost altogether. It is important to exercise the brain since it is a muscle and be proactive in the health of this command center.

Here are some things you can do to help keep your mind keen and spry:


This provides mental benefits, increases blood flow, stimulates brain, and enhances brain health.

Brain Games

Memory games, math games, puzzles, word games, crosswords and word searches all increase reasoning skills, capabilities, and speed. Any mentally challenging activity aids in sharpening your mind.


Being social elevates your mood and reduces depression related to isolation; social connections help preserve mental and memory function. Join a book club or participate in activities at a local senior center!


Neurobics are exercises that enhance the development of the 5 senses (hear, see, touch, taste and smell.) For example: eat with the non-dominant hand, try to tie your shoes with your eyes closed, and use your computer mouse with opposite hand.

At Champion Home Health Care, we are always championing for the health of seniors and working hard to keep them safe, happy, and healthy within their homes. We also strive to provide family members with a sense of peace of mind. If you or your aging senior is in the Melbourne area of Florida or anywhere in Brevard and could benefit from senior in home health services, contact us at 321-608-3838. Check out our listing and explanation of our services. Check out our Facebook page for timely news and relevant information. Stay active, eat right, and exercise that brain!