Multiple Sclerosis, or MS, is a somewhat common disease. It sounds awful, doesn’t it? The truth is, MS really is a disease that you need to know about.

If you are the family of a senior with MS or concerned about the risk for MS, read below for information, courtesy of Champion Brevard Home Health Care in Melbourne, FL. We care deeply about your health, and we are dedicated to providing expert home health services that benefit you, your family, and your senior loved ones!

Usually, MS gets diagnosed in people age 20-50, but older people can be diagnosed with it, too. It occurs in all ethnic groups, but it is more common in Caucasians and women. Genetics play an important role in its development.

One of the most common misconceptions about the disease is that the sufferer should not be involved in physical activity. This is untrue. Physical activity will actually help!

Those with MS can improve the quality of their lives by losing weight, refraining from smoking, taking the correct medications prescribed, and getting enough vitamin D.

There is no evidence that MS is contagious or transmitted in any way between people.

If you have a family member (such as a sibling or a parent) with MS, your risk of developing the disease is about 1 – 3%. If you have an identical twin with the disease, that risk increases to 30%.

There are no definite known causes for MS, but studies suggest there is an environmental factor involved. Up to 20% of people that have MS will have a benign form of the disease, meaning they will have very mild symptoms and little progression of the disease over time.

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