It is a hard adaptation to make when an adult child must act as a parent to an adult family member. How do you step in and tell the person who raised you that they may need assistance, that you have noticed a decline in his or her health or that safety has become a concern, especially when this family member has been self-sufficient and living in their own home? More often than not, with the current life expectancy in the United States reaching into the mid 80’s, family members will have to address these issues at some point. At Champion Home Health Care, we want to prepare you for this trying time and assist you in keeping your loved one at home where they feel safe and independent.

There are some signs to look for when trying to decide if your parent(s) could benefit from home health care. You may have had an experience or two prompting concern.  Maybe your loved one has a bruise on his or her forehead from taking a spill while dragging the recycling bin to the curb. Perhaps in a phone call they repeat themselves or appear confused and forgetful. Look for these changes as signs to alert you to when concern should become action:


  • difficulty getting up from chair or bed
  • trouble navigating around house
  • unsteady on his or her feet
  • falling (fall risk… could lead to head trauma or broken hip)


  • change in sleeping patterns (too much or too little)
  • easily stressed or frustrated
  • withdrawing socially
  • depressed


  • mismanagement of medications
  • unopened mail, unpaid bills, late bills
  • repetitive storytelling
  • forgetfulness beyond “senior moments”
  • household chores neglected


  • drastic change in weight
    • o loss= underlying condition, dementia, cancer, thyroid issue, depression
    • o gain=depression, arthritis, thyroid issue
  • smell of urine / incontinence
  • expired food in refrigerator
  • poor oral health
  • soiled or unclean clothes
  • infrequent bathing

Some of the changes above are normal attributes of aging, but when these characteristics compound, an aging parent can be in danger if left alone. Adult children are often reluctant to address the issues of elder care are out of fear, lack of knowledge of resources and options, and financial concerns. At Champion Home Health Care, we keep your loved one safe, happy, and healthy at home by matching them with a caregiver and services tailored to his or her needs. Our goal is to help you have peace of mind knowing that the physical and mental needs of your parent is being met. We can assist with a wide array of services from physical therapy to wound care or just companionship! Contact us today at 321-608-3838 if your senior family member is in Brevard County, and we will help you meet the current needs of your aging loved one.