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Showing Support for a Senior Loved One

No one looks forward to the day when they have to make decisions about the healthcare options for their aging loved ones. The key to approaching this difficult time is to find ways the show your support the best way you can. Millions of people all around the world arrive at a point in their [...]

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Awareness in November

At Champion Home Health Care, we assist seniors by offering services that focus on peace of mind for not only the patient, but the family and caregivers also. Our senior home health care services cover a full spectrum of care levels, from 24-hour care to veteran care. We offer trustworthy and quality at-home care focused [...]

3 Ways Home Health Care Can Ease Your Worries

If you've been stressed or worried about finding help for caring for your loved ones, you aren't alone. Plenty of people around the world are facing those same issues. The truth is, it's a really big responsibility to consider the future of someone else. While you might be able to think that you know what's [...]

How to Find Great Caregivers for Your Senior Loved Ones

Finding caregivers for your senior loved ones can be a stressful task. If you're feeling overwhelmed, just know that you aren't alone. The good news? Champion Home Health Care of Brevard County is here to help. With top-notch experienced and well-qualified staff, you can rest easy knowing that your loved ones are in good hands. One [...]

What Is Senior Home Care Anyways?

Have you heard the term Senior Home Care but aren't quite certain what it means? Don't fret, Champion Home Health Care of Brevard County is here to explain all about how it and how it can help you and your loved one! If you have someone in your life that needs quite a bit of [...]

Seniors and Illness: Is it a Cold or the Flu?

You are sniffly and feel like your energy is slowly draining away as the clock ticks by. What in the world is going on? Should you take ibuprofen or acetaminophen for this headache or do you let it pass? Is that cough you are experiencing due to allergies, it is Florida after all, or is [...]

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Fun Fall Events for Seniors

There’s been a slight change in the weather; can you feel it? We’ve gone from sweltering to sweater weather in the blink of an eye here in Melbourne, FL. Who knows how long this cool blast will last but we will definitely take advantage of it. Residents of Brevard County know that often times the [...]

Making Your Home More Accessible and User-Friendly

This week we will discuss very basic ways you can make your home more accessible and user-friendly for your senior family members/friends.

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Senior Summer Travels Tips

It is important to plan ahead when you are traveling to and fro with your loved ones who have special accommodations or needs. You do not want to just fly by the seat of your pants when traveling with your senior.

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Senior Travel Safety

Seniors are savvier than ever. They are utilizing technology at incredible rates and are taking their new-found freedom post-retirement to travel and see the world. In fact, one of the many reasons people choose to retire is to enjoy more personal and leisure time. A 2016 survey by Willis Tower Watson surveyed over 4,000 seniors [...]

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