What’s so great about getting older? Well, as the old saying goes – it’s better than the alternative. When you think about it, there are many positive benefits to aging. And sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of what we have to look forward to.

There’s no reason to dread getting older. Evidence shows that older people are more balanced, resilient, and confident than younger people. There are even studies showing that old age brings happiness, intellect, and even better sex (but we’re not talking about that here 😉).


If you are looking for some good news on the path to growing older, consider these five reasons aging isn’t just about declining and becoming a member of the grey brigade isn’t all bad.

5 Reasons Aging is the Bee’s Knees

  1. Wisdom of the ages.
  2. We get calmer with age.
  3. Senior. Discounts.
  4. You can quit your day job.
  5. Strength in numbers.

1. Older people have the advantage of more wisdom-producing experiences.

In other words, the years of accumulated knowledge and experience work in their favor. Aging can bring positive cognitive changes including a larger vocabulary and a greater grasp on the meaning of words. Many studies have shown that older adults surpass younger adults in language skills despite the age-related chemical changes occurring in the brain.

Just how older adults are applying this knowledge is still being actively explored. Even with negative changes in cognition, older people can still do things that they have enjoyed their whole lives. From learning new skills to forming new memories, older adults have got it going on. Research also shows that they can still improve their vocabulary and language skills so think carefully before challenging them to a game of Scrabble.

2. Aging can make you more mellow.

As we get older, our stress levels tend to decline. The situations that had us worried in young adulthood don’t have the same effect as we age. We have developed experiential and psychological resources that help us keep our emotional responses in check.

We are better able to come to terms with who we are as we age; we are more satisfied with what we have been able to accomplish and our drive to try to do more has been replaced with contentment. Our feelings of happiness, enjoyment, and feelings of well-being become more pronounced as our emotional lives have started to settle down. All the memes that glamorize living in a cabin in the woods with no drama and no internet start to speak to our souls. That’s aging, baby.

3. You pay less for stuff.

How crazy is it that you get rewarded with discount movie tickets just for being older? Or enjoy special pricing at restaurants and special shopping days at your favorite retailer. Some businesses offer discounts to seniors starting at the age of 55. (ouch!)

Get Rewarded with Discounts


Rite Aid

Pep Boys




Ross Dress for Less

Source: AARP

Discounts for seniors are a stroke of genius. From travel to groceries, senior discounts are adding up to big cash for some older consumers. Smart senior shoppers use discounts to free up funds for other activities – like fun outings with their grandchildren!


4. What to do with all the newfound freedom?

After a lifetime of punching the company clock, retirement can feel like a load off your shoulders. Some people wonder what they will do with all the extra time. You can look forward to retirement and avoid the common pitfalls of boredom, loneliness, and even depression with a little planning.

Retirement Checklist

Decide what’s important

Plan out the future

Appreciate the exceptional opportunity

Retirement can be an exciting time for those who continue to enter each day with purpose. After decades of daily routines that included physical and mental activity and social interactions, a sudden reduction can be tricky. Consider reducing your work hours slowly over time as you approach retirement to avoid the negative effects of stopping “cold turkey.” (Or replace work hours with volunteering which leads to lower rates of depression and anxiety, especially for those who are 65 and older.)

5. Don’t count the Baby Boomers out.

From power at the polls to generational wealth, aging definitely has its benefits. The older generations are holding their own when it comes to impacts in their communities and beyond. Older generations are showing up at the polls (32% of all US voters) and hold more economic influence.

Their strength is in their numbers. One out of every four 65-year-olds today will live past 90 years old. With a commitment to healthy aging and making small changes to daily routines, today’s seniors are changing the stereotypes of old age.

Living Longer, Living Stronger

Living longer can have its unique set of advantages and challenges. Adapting a healthy lifestyle for the long haul and making safe choices in later life are key to ensuring there is quality in the extra years. And that can include asking for help.

One of the great benefits of aging in Brevard County is the wealth of senior services available. Private Duty Home Care is a common alternative to a move to senior living, allowing the older person to live in their home longer. With a little help at home, many seniors can age safely at home – where they want to be.


A private duty caregiver is an ideal addition to any older person’s daily routine. The caregiver can take over the small tasks that drain the energy best used for social pursuits – like outings with grandchildren (and great-grands). Use the benefits of aging wisely – invest some of those senior discount savings in private duty care! Accept the help of a private duty caregiver and discover another benefit of aging. There are few relationships as admirable as the one between a caregiver and an older person.

Ready to embrace the perks of aging? Consider Champion Home Health Care in Brevard County, Florida, for reliable private duty home care services, ensuring seniors can enjoy their golden years safely and comfortably at home

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