Aging comes with a unique set of challenges. Life happens and rolling it with it can be a series of struggles and changes. Bringing up private care in the home might be an uncomfortable conversation, but staying at home without safety precautions? That’s definitely a non-starter.

Women are leaving the workforce to care for aging parents. The dual responsibilities of on-the-job tasks and being the primary caregiver at home have reached a tipping point. But who can afford to make the decision to be a full-time caregiver? It is during this challenging conversation of next steps that private home health care truly shines – even a little help can make a huge impact.

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3 Ways Private Home Care Makes a Big Impact

  1. After a fall or health event
  2. Returning home from the hospital or rehab
  3. Vacation or visiting family

1. Falling once doubles your chances of falling again.

Millions of people 65 and older fall each yearWith one out of 5 of those falls causing a serious injury such as broken bones or a head injury, the fear of falling is real. As an adult child caring for an aging parent, private home health care may seem reactive rather than proactive after a fall but it is peace of mind moving forward.

Encouraging private homecare after a fall or health event goes a long way toward peace of mind for both the senior and the caregiver. Even for a short period of time, private homecare can provide so much more than supervision. A significant change like a fall can cause soreness, unsteady gait, and even overcompensating to try to avoid falling again – the exact reasons to have a little extra help available.

Private Home Care Help


Meal preparation

Daily activities

The time right after a fall is when a senior is at their most vulnerable. Their body hurts from the impact and bumps and bruises are still tender. Favoring injuries makes performing personal care harder and can result in a desire to withdraw. The effort to keep moving and work out muscle stiffness is important – private care at home provides encouragement that can make all the difference.

Private care in the home makes the activities of daily living less daunting. Sometimes having someone there “just in case” builds confidence. Let your aging loved one get back to good sooner and, as the caregiver, give yourself a break.

2. Ease back into the quiet life with private care at home.

One night at the hospital is enough to put any of us off our game. After spending some time at the hospital or rehabilitation center, an older person has spent more time in bed but considerably less time sleeping. They can return home struggling to recover from changes in medication, routine, and sleep patterns.

While it might feel delightful to get back home where every move isn’t being watched, this isn’t the time to go cold turkey. Having private homecare available to help with an adjustment back to independence can greatly impact safety. It is an important step to give everyone time to evaluate the current situation and review the aging plan.

Private Home Care Options

Non-skilled care

Nursing services

Therapy services

24/7 care

Why risk an immediate return to a higher level of care? Stay at home safely with extra help for both the senior and their primary caregiver. Aging in place at home can take a village – this is not the time to burn out and make hasty decisions. Let private home health care help set you up for success with the support you need in the short term, or for the foreseeable future.

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3. Change can be disruptive – even when it is meant to be fun and games.

We all have routines. An aging parent who has settled into retirement is moving at a different speed than their adult children and rambunctious grandchildren. The fast pace of a family vacation or the hustle and bustle of a family reunion can be unsettling. With the companionship of a private homecare aide, your parent can enjoy their usual routines and not feel like they are holding anyone back.

Benefits of a Travel Aide


Personal care

Attentive to routines

Assist with mobility

About 30% of falls occur away from home, making travel and unfamiliar surroundings increasingly stressful. Visiting beautiful places and experiencing adventures with family doesn’t have to stop with aging. Add a private homecare aide to your travel entourage and let your aging parent attend activities and social engagements on their own schedule.

Choice Makes Private Care in the Home Palatable

There is a time for senior living communities, but most seniors would prefer the comfort of their own home. In his book “My Mother, Your Mother,” the incomparable Dr. Dennis McCullough encouraged all adult children to embrace a slower approach to caring for an aging parent. We all want to do our best for our parents and having the choice to stay at home – with private homecare – can be an acceptable compromise.

Before you are faced with the first fall that could result in a second, more dangerous incident, take the time to make a plan. Private duty home care can play an important role in keeping a senior at home longer. Additionally, one of the great benefits of private homecare is that it can go with you to the senior living community of your choice and continue to provide individualized care. You have options when you are ready.

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The choice to bring private care in the home cannot be undervalued. Whether you obtain services after a fall, post-hospitalization, or to help maintain a comfortable pace during vacations or family visits, private home care creates a big impact. For the adult child struggling to work, care for her family at home, and aging parents, private home health care can be the difference between leaving the workforce and having peace of mind while employed.

Providing impactful services that maintain independence makes Private Home Health Care one of the Resources We Love. Looking for personalized care solutions to support your aging loved one at home? Contact Champion Home Health Care: Private Duty, Brevard County, FL, at (321) 608-3838 to explore how our private caregivers can make a meaningful difference in your family’s life.