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Seniors and Pets

There is no doubt that a furry friend can make an incredibly significant impact on a person. The unwavering love and support that an animal brings can lighten even the heaviest of loads. As a matter of fact, this connection is a proven thing. It is called the human-animal bond and has been proven to [...]

Vaccinations for Older Adults

Let’s talk prevention for a moment. No matter your age or current health status, there are steps you can take to assist you in the prevention of certain diseases and illnesses. How you eat makes a difference. Your activity level certainly lends itself to the prevention of certain ailments. Your mindset and emotional well-being are [...]

Helping Your Loved One Come to Terms with Loss

A loss is something that everyone experiences. We at Champion Home Health Care understand the pain that comes with losing a loved one. We also know how hard it is to watch a loved one go through the grief that comes along with the loss of a life. There is a sense of helpless that [...]

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Stay Safe In the Cold

A cold snap can occur anytime, even in Melbourne, FL, as we were recently a witness to. Seemingly out of nowhere the temps dropped and Brevard County became a winter wonderland. Were you prepared? Did you have the necessary clothing items and appropriate shelter to make it through comfortably? While our Northern neighbors may scoff [...]

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Demystifying Home Health Care

Are you currently responsible for the care of an elderly family member wondering how to incorporate an in-home health care service? Are you struggling to give all the time and energy necessary to care for an older adult, or would someone you love only enjoys some social time with a qualified caretaker? If you are [...]

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Celebrating Seniors

August 19, 1988 was a significant day in our nation’s history, a day that many are not even aware exists. On this day, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed the necessity for an official day celebrating the seniors here in our country. Proclamation 5847 declared August 21 as National Senior Citizen Day. In an eloquent statement, President [...]

Preparing Seniors for a Move

No one looks forward to a move. This can be especially true for those who are older and have been in their homes for quite some time. Think about all the memories that have been made in a particular place. Family dinners and long nights playing games with loved ones are just a few of [...]

Summertime Trip Ideas for Seniors

Oftentimes, aging goes hand-in-hand with physical challenges. Many seniors experience difficulty walking, arthritis, loss of vision and more. But just because your senior loved one is not as spry as they used to be does not mean they can’t experience some form of vacation, trip or activity this summer! At Champion Home Health Care we [...]

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Caregivers Need Care Too

At Champion Home Health Care, we realize caregivers need to take time to rest, rejuvenate, and tend to themselves. A giver of care is a more encompassing job than the title suggests. If you have taken on the task of caring for a senior loved one or parent, you are well-aware of what a challenging, [...]

Home for the Holidays

Sometimes it is hard to consider the fact that our parents are aging. If you do not live close by or you have relocated to another state, perhaps you are growing concerned about their welfare or ability to stay living independently at home, especially if a spouse is deceased. A phone call may put you [...]