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Help Your Loved One Remain At Home Where They Want To Be

So many times, seniors are scared to tell others that they might need a little bit of help here and there because they don't want to be removed from their home. And sometimes, they just need help with simple tasks that aren't a cause for concern. Did you know that there are home health providers [...]

Senior Home Health Care in Melbourne, FL

If you're looking for great senior home health care in Melbourne, FL, look no further than Champion Home Health Care. With a record of giving great care, you can rest easy knowing that your elderly loved ones are in good hands! If you're wondering what kind of senior home health care options there are in Brevard [...]

Fun Fall Events for Seniors

There’s been a slight change in the weather; can you feel it? We’ve gone from sweltering to sweater weather in the blink of an eye here in Melbourne, FL. Who knows how long this cool blast will last but we will definitely take advantage of it. Residents of Brevard County know that often times the [...]

March: Social Workers Month, Certified Nurses Day, Patient Safety Awareness

March is focused on many topics which easily encompass or are relevant to the heading of home health care. Our most recent blog focused on social workers and how they are such an essential part of the home health care village. Often serving as liaisons and referral sources, social workers work hand in hand with [...]

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Caregivers Need Vacation Too

Even Family Caregivers Need Time Off As swarms of people from other states descend on Florida for fun in the sun, many Floridians are in desperate need of a vacation, themselves. The beauty of palm trees and the ocean are barely noticed by those caring for family members alone, without respite. With little hope of [...]

The Relationship Between A Caregiver and Patient

Love, respect, kindness, patience, magnanimity, humor, forgiveness: these are the hallmarks of a wonderful relationship. For many elderly people, the quantity of personal relationships is severely diminished. Their friends passed away and their family lives remotely and seldom visits.  The person he or she spends the most time with is his or her caregiver. Therefore, the [...]

Medication Management in Brevard County

Medication management and picking up prescriptions for your senior loved one are a few of the services offered by dedicated providers from Champion Brevard Home Health Care. A complementary consultation allows our Director of Nursing to design a specialized program to meet each individual client’s needs. Some of the benefits of being on a medication [...]

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Speed Up Recovery After Surgery

From the desk of Kim Champion:  Speed Up Recovery After Surgery If you are planning to have surgery, now is the time to pre-plan your recovery phase. "After-care” is a very important. While you are with the doctor, you have the added protection of the hospital environment or the doctor’s out-patient facility. The scary part [...]

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Medical Help For “Snow Birds”

From the desk of Kim Champion: Do you migrate to Florida for the winter season? The weather is great, but what happens if you become ill? The fact is that many “snow birds” do not have a Florida physician. When a problem develops with your health, it snowballs into other dilemmas. Other than calling 911 [...]

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