Summer will be here before you know it. Grandkids will be out of school and looking for
fun things to do. If you take care of aging parents and have grandchildren visiting soon,
your role of social coordinator just got expanded!

How do you keep everyone happy while not spending a fortune on afternoon
entertainment? You might think it will be difficult trying to keep both generations happy,
but it may not be as hard as you think. Make your summer a little easier by combining the
generations on these easy, impromptu day trips.

If you are looking for some intergenerational activities that don’t break the bank, consider
these five suggestions.

5 Intergenerational Day Trips

1. Library
2. Animal Shelter
3. Little League
4. Community Park
5. Music

1. Who doesn’t like story time?

When was the last time you visited your public library? If you feel a little nostalgic just
thinking about it, it’s been too long! The public library has a little something for everyone
no matter what age.

Free Activities at the Library

Sign Language classes
Book Club
Master Gardeners Clinic

Both children and kids at heart will find an activity of interest. Whether you want to spend
time together learning more about the family through genealogy or divide and conquer in
your age-appropriate areas, the library is for everyone.


Beat the heat and schedule some
time among the cool stacks of library books.

2. Animals are popular with every age group.

A trip to the local animal shelter is sure to be a win-win. The animals desperately need
attention, and your kids have enough energy to spread around. Older adults can get their
fill of fur-covered snuggles without having to care for a pet of their own.

Sure, you might have to make everyone (that includes Grandpa…) pinky-swear that they
will not try to adopt any of the animals. Shelters are brimming with pets that would
benefit from extra attention, walks outside in the sunshine, and time with little humans.
And everyone likes watching kids play with puppies.

Extra Bonus: If your grandkids are trying to talk their parents into buying them a pet, this
is the perfect opportunity to show they can care for one! Volunteerism is a beautiful way
to grow over summer vacation.

3. Your local ballpark is ground zero for intergenerational fun.

Even if you don’t have a child playing Little League, a trip to the local ballpark is a
homerun. An afternoon in the sunshine, watching children play ball just for the sheer joy
of it is a wonderful way to spend time together. Your grandkids will meet some new friends
and your aging parent will be inspired to tell stories of trips to the ballfield when their kids
were kids.

Local Kids Sports Leagues

La crosse

If you pass by a soccer park, by all means – pull over! Even if they aren’t yours, is there
anything cuter than little kids playing soccer? Pull up and watch a quarter or two for
guaranteed smiles for everyone in your group. Whether you are watching your kids or
random children on a field play baseball, football, or soccer, their joy is infectious.

4. You don’t have to drive far to find a neighborhood community park.

With or without giant jungle gyms and high-flying swings, our community parks are the
perfect place for intergenerational bonding moments. Get the kids away from devices for
a bit and spend time blowing bubbles, throwing a frisbee, or playing a game of red-light-

Bring a picnic lunch and encourage your grandchildren to tell stories to their great-
grandparents – and vice versa! Take advantage of the time without faces staring at phones
and let your aging parents tell your grandkids stories about when they were kids.

Storytelling is how we pass memories down from one generation to the next. It is a
powerful way to reminisce about events from the past.

5. Music is good for the heart and soul of all generations.

Music has a way of connecting people across generations. From babies in the womb to
small children learning the alphabet to seniors hearing songs from their youth that bring
back memories, music is a wonderful unifier. We all connect to music in some way, so
finding opportunities for older adults and younger children to share an activity involving
music is very beneficial.

Free Music Stops

High school band practice
Senior centers
Local assisted living facilities
Community symphony practice

Every community has opportunities for free music – just keep your ears open. Driving by a
local high school in the afternoon you may hear the band practicing. Pull on over and enjoy
the performance! Senior Centers often have musical activities and are happy to provide a
copy of their monthly schedule. Many music venues post practice schedules on their
websites or community web pages.

Keep the love of music alive and well in your family with visits to practice sessions of your
community theater, local symphony, and art festivals with live bands. For an aging parent
in the beginning stages of dementia, music is the gift that keeps on giving. Passing down
their love for music – and maybe a few signature dance moves – may be the best time
together you can give your favorite people on both ends of the generational spectrum.

Spending time together doesn’t need to take a lot of planning. A spontaneous trip to the
park or library can make a big impact and create memories that last a lifetime. You can
take some pressure off yourself by taking advantage of the opportunities that surround
you. It doesn’t have to be fancy – it just has to include the people you love.

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