There is no doubt that a furry friend can make an incredibly significant impact on a person. The unwavering love and support that an animal brings can lighten even the heaviest of loads. As a matter of fact, this connection is a proven thing. It is called the human-animal bond and has been proven to be a powerful force for both the animal and the individual involved in the relationship. Pets can be a godsend for seniors who are homebound as they provide companionship, affection, and can boost mood and both mental and physical health. Did you know that pet ownership has been proven to lower cortisol, the “stress” hormone, in the owners and for individuals who are experiencing mental stress? Owning a dog has also been proven to lower blood pressure according to this study. Champion Home Health Care has the privilege of serving seniors in Melbourne, FL with a wide variety of home health care services. From wound management and round-the-clock care to assistance with housework and daily activities, our professional caretakers take pride in serving. It is at the heart of all we do. We have seen firsthand the impact a pet can have on seniors. Are you considering a pet? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Living Arrangements

Before you get your heart set on that certain dog or cat, you need to consider your living arrangements. Will the pet be living in your own home or will it be residing in a senior living facility? You need to know whether or not your current residence accepts pets before you choose one. Also, is your home pet-friendly? Do you have access to outside space, if needed, for your furry friend? Are there stairs in your home? Will that be an issue? These are all things to consider before you adopt your new love.

Health Limitations

Many seniors have health limitations that affect their mobility and ability to care for an animal. Will a pet be a hindrance in this area? In situations like this, a cat may be a better option as they do not need to roam outside and are generally easier to care for. If you can change the litter box and keep up a feeding schedule at the very least, you might want to consider a feline. They make for great companions who love to cozy up on the couch or chair and have an unlimited supply of love to give just about everyone.

Financial Considerations

Financial considerations must also be taken into account. When you choose to add a pet to your home, you are also taking on financial costs too in the form of veterinary visits, possible medications, and, of course, the cost of food. If you are on a limited budget, you want to make sure that the pet you choose is in good health from the start. This is no guarantee that something won’t crop up, but it can give you some peace of mind at the start.


Pet personality is another factor when it comes to choosing the best breed for you. This is more of a concern for dogs as some breeds are calmer than others. Do you have the time and ability to walk the dog? Can you handle the responsibility of a puppy versus an older pup? Only you can determine whether or not you are up for the task of caring for your pet so think about this before you choose.


Pet ownership can be a wonderful thing for seniors who long for company and that extra dose of love that only an animal can bring. If you are considering adoption, be sure to do your research and ask those who own pets whether or not it is worth the investment. We wish you nothing but many years of snuggles and love with your new furry friend. If you or a loved one is ever in need of Brevard County senior services like skilled nursing services or veteran care in Melbourne, FL, we’re just a phone call away.