A cold snap can occur anytime, even in Melbourne, FL, as we were recently a witness to. Seemingly out of nowhere the temps dropped and Brevard County became a winter wonderland. Were you prepared? Did you have the necessary clothing items and appropriate shelter to make it through comfortably? While our Northern neighbors may scoff at the idea of a frigid Florida, the reality is that freezing temperatures recently made their way to Brevard and many were caught off guard.

The cooler months are not over yet and another dip in temps could occur. It is vital that during this time we all make sure that the people in our lives are taken care of. This is especially true for seniors. Many of you have entrusted Champion Home Health Care with the seniors in your life. Our goal is to make staying in their homes a reality for as long as possible. We have the ability to create customized care plans for whatever needs seniors in Melbourne have. Here are some great tips for seniors in case we see frigid temperatures again.

Dress Appropriately

When the weather gets cold, be sure that you have appropriate clothing to accommodate the decreased temperatures. Layers are best. You will want to be sure that you are dressed appropriately and as the temps will be colder outside than inside, dressing in layers ensures that you can load up when headed out and strip off when inside. If you aren’t sure how to dress, here is a great resource. Hats, gloves, long sleeves, sweaters, and a warm jacket are a great place to start.

Heating Check

Winter time is a great time for a routine maintenance check on your heating and cooling system especially because you are likely to need the heat when the temperatures dwindle. We are fortunate to have tropical weather most of the year in Melbourne so many of us do not think too much about using the heat. However, when cold snaps occur it is crucial that your heating system is in working order.

Ask Questions

If you are concerned about the weather, please reach out. Ask for help if you need assistance with prepping your home for the upcoming cold. Also, remember that there are residents in Brevard that may need your help too. Ask neighbors if they are equipped to stay warm. Find out if neighbors need blankets, food, etc. and try to stay warm!