Once you have identified that your loved one is in need of home health care services like those provided by Champion Home Health Care it is then off to the next step, talking to your loved about accepting assistance. This is a touchy subject and must be positively presented by a united loving family for the best results. In Brevard County, we champion for your loved one to remain in the comfort of their own home as long as they can happily and safely do so by providing a qualified caregiver matched to their needs, which is crucial during this transitional period. As parents age, family members must weigh the pros and cons of home health care and decide which care options best suits their aging family member. If home health care is a fit, and we hope it is, here are some ideas to keep in mind when approaching the subject with your loved ones:

  • Bring up the topic of home health care in a positive manner before it is needed, not in a time of crisis. Present the pros and cons of home health care and listen to your parent’s response and concerns. Talk the situation over with siblings and other family members first so that everyone is on the same page.
  • Open the lines of communication. Ask your loved one what amount / level of assistance would be beneficial to them. Perhaps companionship, meal assistance and medication management is all they need at the time. Start small and increase accommodations as they are needed.
  • Be forthcoming with the concerns of the family. If members have witnessed a fall or noticed the refrigerator is stocked with uneaten or old food, honestly mention these observations to your senior loved one. Couple these concerns with how nice it would be to have assistance within the comfort of their own home.
  • Get advice and support from others such as members of the clergy, close friends and extended family. Solicit the opinion of your elderly loved one’s primary care physician.
  • It is suggested to use the, “It’s not you, it’s me” approach. Express how much it will set your mind at ease knowing your loved one is getting personalized care at home. Mention how this peace of mind will enable you to maintain your life including work, children, and spousal duties if you know your senior family member is safe, independent and happy.

Champion Home Health Care champions for seniors’ rights to age in the comfort of home and avoid the move to an institution. We do this by providing senior home health services in Brevard County. If your loved one lives in Melbourne, Florida or a surrounding city and would benefit from at home health care contact us at 321-608-3838! Let us keep your loved one in a familiar and comfortable environment while bringing you peace of mind.