As the Christmas holiday rapidly approaches, we are all busy trying to find the best gifts for the people we care about. This is the time of year when the kindness and generosity of those around us come into clear focus. Each of us looks for ways to celebrate those who have had a meaningful impact on our lives. For many seniors, this is a great time to show appreciation for the caregivers who have showered them with love and support this past year. If you are a senior seeking to express gratitude for a family member or one who benefits from the care of others, here are some great ideas for you. Keep in mind you may need to ask for assistance from others to accomplish some of these.

Caregivers, especially familial ones, are often stressed to the point of exhaustion during the holiday season. They continue to provide excellent care to their elderly loved ones all while preparing and executing holiday plans for families of their own. This can be a trying time for families and general and nothing could be truer for family caregivers. Here are some great gift ideas for your family members:


Movie tickets, restaurant gift cards, DVDs and Blue Ray movies, and the like are all great ideas for family members. Not only do they provide an escape but they also allow for a little time away to regroup.

Cooking and Cleaning

If you have someone who cares for you and their own family as well, arranging a cleaning service or a meal delivery company is a great way to provide them some relief. Not having to clean or cook is a gift in and of itself!


A simple way to gift a caregiver is with words. A simple thank-you card listing the reasons why you are grateful to your caregiver is one of the most meaningful things you can do. If you have problems writing, try dictating to someone else or doing a vocal recording.

Champion Home Health Care has the privilege of assisting seniors to stay in their homes longer by providing professional quality home health care services. We adore the seniors that we are able to serve throughout Brevard and are so grateful for the opportunity to assist them. Thank you for allowing our team of professionals into your homes and know that the health and safety of seniors is our top priority. If you or someone you know needs in-home health care, please contact our office today. We would love to help you choose the appropriate services and set you on the best path for your needs.