The holiday season is one that is usually filled with family, friends, and food. This season is one that many look forward to all year long. It can also be a time of extreme stress, especially for homebound seniors and their caregivers. According to, 90% of us actually feel very stressed out during this time. For all the delight and magic the holidays are supposed to bring to families, many people struggle to find happiness.

People report being tense over long lines and holiday travel. They lament all the parties and even having to be nice. For some, spending time with family members can cause tension. While the reasons behind the heightened anxiety or depression may vary, stressors can affect those of all ages. Champion Home Health Care has the privilege of assisting seniors in Brevard stay in their homes longer, even when times that accompany it can be challenging for many. Here are some great tips to help the senior in your life.

Many homebound or medically challenged seniors feel as though they are missing out on parties and time spent with those they care about. Many cannot leave their homes or have challenges with mobility. This is especially true during the holidays when so many are gathering together. Why not bring the party to them? Now is a great time to make sure seniors feel included. You can do this by extending invitations, even if they cannot come. This makes them feel included. Stop by with a box of Christmas cookies and spend an afternoon catching up.

Seniors are often socially neglected and need to know that they matter. A quick gab session can do wonders for their spirits. Listen to their favorite music and peruse old photograph books. When people feel like they matter, their entire perspective changes. This is a gift you can give to just about anyone.

Seniors often struggle with grief during this time of year. Many have experienced great loss or are entering into a time where their own mortality is in question. The holidays bring a heightened sense of awareness to these issues so it is important that you are sensitive to seniors in your life who may be experiencing these thoughts and feelings. Lending an ear can be powerful and perhaps help your loved one process their grief.

Who doesn’t like a great party? For seniors who are concerned about their mobility but still want to attend social gatherings, all you need to do is prepare a little in advance. Let them know where the party will be held in advance to prepare them for the space they will be entering. Prep them for any stairs or uneven walking services and be sure to exercise some patience.

The holidays can undoubtedly be stressful but there are things we can do to help seniors feel loved, appreciated, and hopefully peaceful during this season. Remember to listen and extend gratitude to those in your life.