Vaccines are not just for kids. It’s important for adults to get vaccines, as well. Ask your doctor about the ones listed below, and any others you may be curious about. Champion Home Health Care for Brevard County, which aims to provide compassionate and expert senior home care, has the following vaccine suggestions for seniors:

Flu Vaccine

The Flu vaccine, which is given seasonally, protects against influenza A and B. The human immune system weakens as we age, and as a result, we contract diseases more easily. A high dose vaccine has been created for seniors over the age of 65 who are at greater risk of severe complications and even death from influenza. Vaccines for those of this age range provide four times the antigen allowing for a stronger immune response. Getting a flu shot each year is important in order to lower the risk of getting sick.

Pneumococcal Vaccine

This is given to help prevent against diseases affecting the bloodstream or lungs. Older people are more likely to contract respiratory-related illnesses, and this vaccine helps reduce risk of those.


This stands for tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis. The vaccine is recommended to reduce risk of throat infections and whooping cough, too. The vaccine is typically administered to kids, but a booster shot is suggested for older adults.


The chicken pox virus, called Varicella Zoster, stays within the nerve cells of the body (even after most people have chicken pox as kids). At around age 50, the virus could cause shingles, which is a painful disease associated with red blisters. Older adults are encouraged to get a booster shot, or seek medical treatment if already experiencing symptoms of shingles.

Remember, it’s important for doctors to advise individuals on what specific vaccines and treatments are right for them. If your aging loved one has questions, be sure to consult with their physician and decide what vaccinations are best for them.

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