Maintaining a brain-healthy lifestyle is important for everyone, especially as people age. According to Psychology Technology, the aging brain can shrink as the space between neurons begins to wither away. Dopamine, a key neurotransmitter, affects the brain’s reward center and influences individual’s responses to emotions as well. Dopamine also plays a role in regulating movement. The aging process can lead to a decrease in dopamine creating adverse effects on the body and mental state. Clearly, taking care of our brains as we age is crucial to longevity and quality of life.

At Champion Home Health Care, where we make it our job to provide compassionate and expert home care, we know that keeping our clients healthy in every way is imperative. We suggest you read below about what can be done to keep your brain in optimum shape.

Mentally active

Exercise your brain! You are less likely to develop dementia by challenging your mind, so have fun with mental activities like playing puzzles, strategy games, or memory games, learning a new language or new instrument, taking a new route to work, or working on your memorization. Find new ways to stimulate your mind while doing your hobbies.
It is never too late to learn something! Frank Lloyd Wright was still designing homes at 89. Oliver Wendell Holmes did not retire from the Supreme Court until he was a young 91 years-old.

Brain-boosting diet

Eat up healthy foods like vitamin C-rich produce; leafy, green vegetables (such as kale, broccoli, and spinach); and protein-rich beans, lean meats, fish, and nuts. Fruits and vegetables provide ample sources of fiber and boost brain health. Avoid eating too many fried foods and pastries in order to achieve better brain health.

Physically fit

Regular exercise and physical fitness can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other health conditions. Join a fitness group or sign up for a gym membership. To achieve the brain-protecting benefits of working out, it’s best to do at least 2 hours of cardio a week, as well as balance coordination and weight training. Remember, even activities like gardening or cleaning are good for your physique, too.

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